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  • Selah Vigil & Angela McDonald

What to Expect Coming Into High School: From the Freshmen

We are both freshmen who first joined Parker this year. Starting high school and a new school at the same time was a big change, but we have definitely gotten through it well with little complaints and lots of fun! In this article we will share our experience joining Parker and our peers.

In high school you get a wide variety of choices for sports and if you gather enough people, you might be able to add another sport that you like. The sports we have now involve fall sports, which include girls volleyball and cross country, winter sports, that include soccer and basketball, and spring sports, which include boys volleyball, tennis, golf, track, and field. We both did volleyball and it was a great start to our first high school sports season. The JV season ended with many wins, teamwork, and great sportsmanship and memories. Even if athletics are not your top priority, it can encourage you and help you improve at the sport you choose to pursue. We both were new to volleyball and started off knowing barely anything about the sport, but that was totally okay. With the coaches (shoutout Coach Shardae and Coach Kain) and the teammates that you will get to know, it becomes more fun with each practice. 

Another way to meet new people or discover new interests is through clubs. At the beginning of the year there is a club fair where you can see all the clubs that Parker offers. We recommend joining any club you find interesting right away, but if you suddenly become interested halfway through the year it is okay to join late. Both of us joined Parker Press and the Amnesty International club during the second semester and received a warm welcome from all the club members. 

We also encourage you to choose electives that you are interested in and broaden your horizons. Although it is fun to stick with your friends, trying new experiences can allow you to make new friends, while expanding your curiosity. Some electives we chose this year are sculpture and debate. Any electives having to do with art are really fun at Parker and give you a chance to express your creativity. Debate is also such a fun elective. Even though it seems a little intimidating at first, it is such a great way to make new friends and discover new interests. We recommend starting debate in your freshman year if you are interested because if you stick with it you will become really skilled in the future.

Although it will be a little scary to start high school, remember that there are so many great opportunities at Parker. You will also have various amazing experiences and meet some awesome people. So, do not be stressed if you are starting at Parker for the first time or a returning student from middle school because you will find your place.

From the Freshmen:

How do you welcome new students into Parker when they come? 

Sofia Maia Williams: By showing them around, being friendly. 

How did you make new friends at Parker?

Kinloch Cantrell: Through my basketball team. And Ms. Weigle who runs away from me and I don’t really call that a friend, so…

How have you felt welcomed by Parker your first year here?

Leilani Ward: Everybody was really nice and the teachers were very kind on the first day. 


How was your transition from middle school to highschool?

Damien Hageraats: Good.


Damien Hageraats: It was really simple because I already knew everything. The middle school is right next to the upper school so everything is the same, pretty much. —

What’s your favorite class this year?

Bella Carmona: My favorite class is probably history because we always get to learn new things and we never get judged no matter what we say. 

What electives do you recommend to new freshmans? 

Justus Stump: You guys should do conditioning. 

Do you like high school better than middle school and why?

Angel Croix: Yes, because in high school it kind of changed me into a better person, making me more positive and making more friends and doing better on school work!

What's something new that you experienced in high school?

Ezra Seivert: Being able to go to town during lunch.

Anything academic?

Ezra Seivert: Oh something academic? Hard math tests.

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