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In Defense of Pt.11: Tabby Cats

When searching for a cat, always look out for tabby cats. Not only are tabby cats striped, but they also come in a variety of colors, such as classic gray, orange/yellow, calico, tortoiseshell, ticked, or even spotted! You can also look at their majestic eyes. 

Tabby cats are extremely intelligent and curious. When you’re feeling down, tabby cats can show their affection for you in many ways. Tabby cats are very generous towards their owner. They seem to feel more safe, as they will meow a lot. 

If you’re worried about the price, it’s always great to purchase a cat from a shelter! Shelters such as the humane society are a great place to adopt a cat that needs a family. Tabby cats are very commonly found at the Humane Society of Hawaii, so I would recommend looking into that! It’s helpful to contribute to the adoption of kittens that are separated from their mothers or abandoned. 

As an owner of a tabby cat, it’s lovely. Although we know that my cat is quite large, this doesn’t stop her from having funny moments (check out “Questioning your cat's weight? My cat’s life story of living as an obese cat: Angela’s Advice Ep. 2.”) My cat is always around me no matter what. She loves sleeping on my bed and playing with toys when I get home. I can see the affection she radiates by the way she purrs and rubs her head against me. She is independent but when it comes to her owner, she gives off a lot of love. 

One thing to keep in mind is the food management. Food is, of course, important to cats but for tabby cats like mine, it acts more as her love language. Yes, my cat loves to spend time with me, but a lot of her love is dependent on me feeding her. Make sure to feed your tabby cat the correct portion!

Photos of Angela's tabby cat (provided by Angela).

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