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5 Questions With Toby - Member of the Month for March 2024

Congratulations to Toby Gordan for being nominated for the Member of the Month by his fellow club members for the month of March 2024.


Watch this exclusive interview with Toby on our instagram (interview conducted on April 3rd, 2024):

Here is what his fellow club members had to say:

"Toby consistently wows me with his exceptional poetry. He has such a knack for crisp, clear writing and evocative descriptions" - Kaya Long (Editor-in-chief)

"His consistent work on Parker Press posting poems is cool, and I especially liked his most recent poem." - Soren Fesel (writer)

"[He's] done a lot of work all year with pictures and poems and hasn’t really gotten the recognition for it." - Bj Doaust (writer)

Thank you Toby for your commitment and the incredible poetry you bring to the club! :)

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