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We have so many series to choose from! From our iconic In Defense of Series, to our highly regarded comic series, to our recipe and book corner series, there is something for everyone!

College Chronicles

Follow the seniors on their journey through the college application process and as they plan for life after high school. What would they do differently? How have their experiences shaped their perspectives of what's most important? Follow this series to find out!


In Defense Of

In this ongoing series, people get the chance to defend what they are passionate about via a meticulously crafted essay justifying their so-called “obsession.” Start reading to see if you agree, or if you can be convinced. Also, if you feel particularly inspired, remember that anyone is welcome to submit!

Music & Muses

Bj Daoust, a songwriter, takes the readers on a journey through his music with this 3-part ongoing series. Part 1 of each installation are the song lyrics, part 2 explores the meaning behind the lyrics, and occasionally, a part 3 will close out the installation with a recording of the original song. Stick around to see the magic of song writing!


First Love

Who was the first person you ever loved? That is the question that this series seeks to explore through interviews with anonymous individuals about their own experiences with "young love," as they call it. This wholesome retelling of the stories that stay with you forever is bound to give you all the warm and fuzzy feels!


Womanhood and What It Means

It is difficult to fully fathom what it means to be a women in today's society. In this remarkable series, Violet begins to chip away at that iceburg. She poignantly articulates the ways the definition of womanhood has evolved and the ways it has remained stubbornly stagnant. This is an installation you won't want to miss!

Book Corner

“There's no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books.”

― James Patterson


Recipe Reviews

You can always search up a recipe, but you won't know if it is any good until you try it. This series eliminates this uncertainty with truthful reviews of various attempted recipes complete with step-by-step photos and helpful tips. From fulfilling the urge to try a fun new dinner recipe, to satisfying that insistent hankering for a sweet treat, these recipe reviews have no shortage of ideas to choose from. Pick a delicious looking post to get started!


Get To Know

Get to know the teachers at Parker School with this lighthearted informative series where the spotlighted individual answers questions about their childhood, how they got to where they are today, and any other quirks they're willing to share. Who know what you might learn about your teachers?

Native Bird of the Month

Gradually expand your native bird knowledge repertoire with monthly spotlights. Learn about the history of the birds, their habits, adaptations, flight patterns, and where you can find them in the wild! 

The More You Know

Learn more about anything and everything with this in depth look into topics from goats to chickens. There are so many facts to be learnt and an endless amount of knowledge just waiting to be acquired. Tap below to start reading!

Life, Death, Tacos, and Hot Pockets

Behold, our one and only, highly acclaimed comic series done completely by artist Kai Kuali'i. Every posting you can check out a fresh comic with all original illustrations and concepts that you are bound to get a kick out of. Dig into this biweekly series and show Kai some support!

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