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Advice Column

Ask a Friend

Hello Parker Press readers! Welcome to Parker Press' new advice column: Ask a Friend. We have created this advice column with the intention to foster a designated safe space for peers to be open about things they might be struggling with or have questions about and give each another guidance. The floor is open to anyone who is seeking advice! Every posting Parker Press staff respond to questions they receive under their personal pen names.



Anyone can submit questions via this form. You can sign your questions with your actual name, your initials, or a pen name---it's completely up to you!


Disclaimer: Advice from Parker Press is given by students on the Parker Press staff and is by no means a professional opinion. While every contributor has the best intentions, please take any advice given with a grain of salt, as every situation is very unique to each individual. Please keep questions school appropriate. Parker Press is by no means obligated to respond to questions that fall outside of these perimeters or are a violation someone's privacy. We hope you enjoy!

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