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  • Angela McDonald

Unfry Your Options, Don't go to KFC: Angela’s Advice Ep. 1

Although KFC is one of the most popular fast-food places in Hawaii, it has a 1½ star rating on Yelp. This shows that it is one of the worst fast-food restaurants in Hawaii and I can prove it. 

On December 28, 2022 my family and I stopped by KFC to get dinner on our way back from Kona. The drive-through was the quickest so we went through there. When we arrived at the drive-through, the lady taking our order proceeded to greet us with “Hi, what do you want?” It frightened me at first because I was expecting a “Hello, welcome to KFC, how may I help you?” type of vibe. I brushed it off and ordered the food I wanted (a spicy chicken sandwich, medium fries, and a Sprite). The lady repeated my order to make sure and I clearly said “Yes.” 

My family drove to the next window to pay and noticed the price was a bit off and quite expensive. We again brushed it off and paid. When we drove to the next window to receive our food, we got a huge paper bag. I’m still not sure why at this time I didn’t get the hint that this was not my order. I opened the bag right when I got it and noticed it was nothing that we ordered. 

Instead, I saw a huge bucket of chicken wings, two bowls of mashed potatoes, and two bowls of gravy. I was in total shock. My mom also looked through the bag and noticed there was nothing that we ordered. We were still stopped at the same window where we received our food so we asked the lady if we at least still got the Sprite I asked for. She proceeded to say “No.” My family drove off and we ate cold food on the way back to our house (not to mention the chicken was only half cooked).

The next day, I kept thinking to myself why I had experienced poor customer service. I was so mad I gave a 1-star review on Yelp. I noticed I wasn’t the only person who had horrible issues with KFC. The images and reviews I was reading made me feel seen after I saw that others went through the same experience or worse.

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