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Thriving, Dying, or Masterminding: What are the Big Artists of the 21st Century Up To?

Do you ever wonder what some of your favorite musical geniuses are up to? Are they producing music? Just hanging out in their mansion? Or brainstorming their next big break out? Join me as I make completely uneducated guesses and assumptions about what some of the big artists of the 21st century are up to as of 2024. 


In our thriving category we are looking at musicians who are poppin off. They’ve got world tours, album drops, and a fan base across the globe. 

In the thriving group we have Renee Rapp. Renee is a 24 year- old singer and actress who got her big break in this year's Broadway musical turned movie “Mean Girls. After the movie dropped, her music started popping up on everyone's spotify playlist as her fame started to grow and become world renowned. In the last few years Renee has released her debut EP in 2022 and then in 2023 she dropped her first album, Snow Angel. Renee Rapp is a young and fun PR nightmare that is currently thriving in the rise of her fame and we can only expect greatness to come.

Renee Rap (Rolling Stones)


Our dying category is more concerned with the musicians who had their big break and have since drawn back from the spotlight and we really don’t know what’s going on with them. 

The artist we’d like to consider “dying” is the one and only Bruno Mars. Don’t get me wrong, this guy has got great music, but when was the last time anyone heard anything from him? His most recent music drop was in early 2021 when he collabed with Silk Sonic, but before that he hadn’t dropped an album since 2016 when 24K Magic came out. As I make extremely true (not) assumptions about the livelihood of Mr. Mars, I think we can all assume that for now his music days are behind him and he is currently enjoying a nice pina colada by his poolside mansion somewhere in the world.  

Bruno Mars (Entertainment Weekly)


Now the masterminding category is for those certain artists that we haven’t seen in a while but have a sneaky suspicion they are in the studio getting ready for something big. 

The artist we believe to be a masterminer is the one and only Billie Eilish. Now, we know Billie hasn’t dropped anything big since her Happier Than Ever album in July of 2021, but she’s been in the studio producing a few singles here and there including the tear-jerking song featured in the live-action“Barbie” movie,“What Was I Made For.”. Therefore, considering this very successful release, we can assume Billie is ready to hit the world with something bigger and better than ever and the only real question we should be asking is “what color will the hair be this time?”. 

Billie Eilish (Teen Vogue) 

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2 comentários

Melinda Mizuno
Melinda Mizuno
28 de mar.

"a young and fun PR nightmare..." LOL - love it.

I've been wondering where Mr. Mars has been. I have a feeling he is getting ready to reinvent himself and make a huge re-appearance. He is too creative and smart and has worked too long in the entertainment industry to just enjoy pina coladas somewhere.


25 de mar.

genius !!!!

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