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The Tragic Passing of Drummer Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters

On March 25th, 2022, beloved Alanis Morisette and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins died. He was arguably one of the most talented drummers of all time and was loved by many fellow musicians and fans.


Foo Fighters on stage.

Hawkins was found dead in his hotel room in Bogotá, Columbia after complaining of chest pains. After unsuccessful resuscitations and further examinations, he was reported dead. Some officials are saying that the cause of death was an accidental drug overdose, but it is still undetermined. The Foo Fighters were set to perform at many festivals this year and to continue touring the rest of the world. However, after Hawkins’ death, all of the shows were canceled.

Hawkins struggled with addiction, but has been sober since around 2001 after his drug overdose. But his addictions do not define his character..

Some musicians and/or drummers are arrogant and ungrateful, but Taylor Hawkins was the opposite. Not only was he a talented musician, but he was one of the most humble and courteous people that one could ever be. He always expressed his gratitude for his fans and inspirations.

Before he started drumming for the Foo Fighters, he was the drummer for Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill Tour. After realizing that Morisette was looking towards a new direction in her music and Foo Fighters were looking for a new drummer, he took the opportunity and has been in the band for over 20 years.


Taylor Hawkins and Alanis Morisette on stage together.

Hawkins has repeatedly said that musicians like Roger Taylor of Queen, Stewart Copeland of the Police, and Phil Collins of Genesis each influenced him to be the drummer that he was. And of course, one of his more obvious inspirations: fellow bandmate Dave Grohl, drummer of Nirvana and frontman of the very playful Foo Fighters.


Younger Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins.


Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins on stage.

Although Hawkins was often found at the back of the stage setting the beat for every show, and Grohl at the front of the stage strumming his guitar and singing, they sometimes switched places. Especially when performing Under Pressure by Queen, a one of the Foo Fighters’ favorite song to cover. Some drummers are gifted with not only talent when it come to drumming, but also are gifted with a great singing voice —Taylor Hawkins was one of these people.

Taylor Hawkins touched many people’s hearts with his kindness, and their soul with his melodic voice and technically flawless drumming.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe and sum up who Taylor Hawkins was as not only a drummer, but as a person. He was a beam of light.

As he once said “Life is funny. If you don’t laugh, you’re in trouble.”

Taylor Hawkins

February 17, 1972 - March 25, 2022

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