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The Girl Named Malum Chapter 6:  I Know You Are Reading This…

Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after Jack got up, and home did trot As fast as he could caper To old Dame Dob, who patched his nob With vinegar and brown paper… Malum sang as she  skipped through the dead halls of the hospital “Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after~...”.  Malum skipped through the halls. She felt that her skin didn’t feel good on her body, every inch she moved the skin would flop and pull back from her body. Yet tugging it back on would stretch the skin out more. Malum sighed and stopped skipping; she stared at the decomposing bodies of the hospital, as her mouth watered, she extended her jaw and dropped the bodies into her throat and swallowed it. Her body began to grow and her skin began to look youthful and clear. As she swallowed, her new skin fused with her body, making her a new person. “Now, it’s time to find my toy” she chuckled as she barged out of the hospital doors and sprinted down the dirt road. 

Prairie Village wasn’t far from the sanitorium, being the only town that she stayed in for a while. Yet the aura felt off, the town looked bright…too bright in joy. The trees of the town wrapped in lights and figures. “What is this nuisance? The Pagan holiday perhaps?” Malum sighed, stopping behind a lit up tree. “These lights are too bright, bright like the stars in the sky” she growled as she moved away swiftly.

Malum moved behind a fountain that was in the center of the town, a fountain dedicated to Christ Jesus. Malum looked up in fear and disgust, her body began to shift as her mouth stretched wide as she screeched with agony. She grasped onto the statue and began to tear the stone apart. Ripping her fresh skin apart, causing gashes in her bones and tears in her face. She screeched as she cried as the statue began to deform and turn into dust. She took the head of the statue and screeched at it, she was upset at the figure, it was disturbing to her. She crushed the head with her bare hand, leaving a huge defect in her hand. It looked dusty and hole filing, she screeched and the hand began to morph into a new flesh. Malum got away from the scene she made as humans began to pour in the horror. Screams of Christmas moms and local nuns. They began to scream “It’s the devil’s doing! He is here to disturb the time of our lord’s birth!” they cried “oh god, thy seize the devil’s doing and cure the weak of his evil…!”. The woman and people cried in fear and agony as Malum observed from above, smiling maniacally as she licked her lips as blood dripped from her teeth. Her mouth extended as she howled, in the corner of her eye she spotted a lonely child in the alleyway crying. “M-mommy?” the child cried “M-mommy? Come back…Mommy I want to come with you to get your substances…Mommy come back please…!”. The child cried and screamed as they threw a tantrum in the alleyway crowded with trash and dead animals. Malum chuckled as she extended her body and spiraled towards the boy, her smile stretching making her mouth bleed. She hovered the child as she drooled over them. The child felt her spit drool onto him as they looked up and their eyes filled with tears. “M-mommy?-” before the child could do anything, Malum latched her jaws onto the child. They screamed with terror as Malum lifted them from the ground to the roof where she was. The child screamed in pain as they begged for their mother to save them, yet this only made Malum squeeze her jaw onto the child tighter. Her mouth began to break its bones and slowly ripped them apart. The child screamed louder as Malum ripped them apart one final time. The sound of the flesh  being ripped from the body, satisfied Malum. She extended her jaw and let the child’s unalive body drop inside. She swallowed and licked her lips with her long and sharp tongue. The sandpaper-like texture and visual was alluring to Malum, with such a tongue, she could eat her food easily. Her skin began to regenerate, she felt youthful again.

She stretched as her bones snapped and a shiver rolled down her spine. She looked at the commotion down below as her stomach growled, “my, my, my beauty must be satisfied~” she said lustfully. She leaped from the roof to the ground with a loud thud. The terrified bystanders looked behind, but she wasn’t to be found. She ran around them, but she was in plain sight. Soon, the power in the town began to shut off. The people screamed with fear as they tried to run and hide. Malum took advantage of this, she could see what these idiotic specimens couldn’t. She leaped towards the running people and ripped them apart, dropping them into their mouths one by one. More people screamed and massacred, Malum felt joy in hunting, it was like something she has never done in so long. The lights soon switched on and Malum disappeared from sight. The town was covered in bodies and blood, flesh and tears and the smell of food. She soon stood at her post and loomed over the dead town center. She snapped her neck as her flesh began to form her body once more, soon, she had the body of Dr.David. She sighed and jumped off the roof and disappeared in plain sight. 

Her shadow traveled through the town, causing the power to shut down. She turned into the neighborhood and looked for a house in particular. Until she spotted it…the house that held Victima.She crawled into the open window of the kitchen and hid under the counter, she then heard loud noises coming from the living room. She extended her body and peaked at the edge. Victima was thrown against the wall, blood making a mark as he slid down. Glass shattered against the wall as Victima held his head. He looked up in fear as he got up weakly. A man came into view, wearing a wife beater and pants so low that his underwear showed; he held a cigarette in his mouth. He grabbed Malum by the throat and slammed him on the floor “you ungrateful little dog! I let you stay under this roof and this is how you treat me and your mother!?” the man yelled raising his hand and whacking his hand against Victima's face, causing him to bleed from the mouth and nose. Victima spat out the blood and coughed as he looked up at the man “Shanon is not my mother and you are not my father Aaron…!” he screamed as he threw his fist at  the man. Aaron grabbed Victima’s wrist and snapped it. Victima screamed in pain as Aaron kicked him in the gut repeatedly. Then, Shannon came into the room with a cigarette and an unhinged face as she smothered Aaron. “Heyyyy hannnddssoommee~” she said a bit uneasy, she smelt like weed and alcohol. She kissed Aaron’s neck and distracted him from beating Victima, Victima limped from the living room to upstairs. He pushed open the door and fell onto the ground. five small children surrounded Victima, they looked at each other worried as they tended to his wounds. “Big brother, big brother, don’t cry” one of them said softly as they wiped the tears from their brother. “Oh dear… older brother, momma and papa don’t love us at all…”. The five tended to their older brother, sewing his wounds together and clogging the blood. Victima had already passed out from exhaustion; his sibling carried him to his loft bed, carefully lifting him up the ladder and into his comforter. 

Victima rested peacefully as his siblings observed him from below. “You think he’s dead?” one of them asked with a squeak to their voice, “no you stupid! He’s just exhausted!” another said aggressively. They moved away from Victima and got into their own beds and fell asleep. Yet Victima became wide away when music blasted from downstairs and glasses started to shatter. Victima groaned and hid underneath his weighted blanket. He felt like crap, he hadn’t even drank and ate since Malum disappeared-oh has she?-since thirty-six days ago… Victima rubbed his eyes as he sat up and looked over at his younger siblings.. He yawned “I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt you, if he does I’ll kill him…”. Victima yawned and layed back down, but then he was shook awake by a loud thud. He jumped outta bed, and fell off his loft with a loud thud, smashing his ribcage in the corner of the stairs. He groaned in pain as he coughed up blood. He began to hyperventilate, losing his vision, slowly becoming blurry. He crawled over to his desk, knocking over books and other items as he searched for something; his pills. He pulled himself up and collapsed at the desk, aggressively reaching for the sweet bottle of pills. Grabbing it, he threw six pills into his mouth, no water, not even a snack, just plain old drugs. Victima caught his breath, his head began to feel dizzy and he fell to the ground. He crawled over to the room door, and opened it so gently. He held the door as he slowly pulled himself up, rubbing his head as he walked down the stairs. 

Music was blaring curse words and unspeakable lyrics; the couple was busy admiring one's lips. Victima passed through the kitchen and suddenly the tv turned on; The News Channel. Victima turned back, frightened. He walked over to the tv to turn it off, but not even the slightest touch could shut it down. “A great loss has happened in our community today, Waverly Sanitorium, located in Louisville, Kentucky, one-thousand and twenty-three patients have been massacred at the site” the news person went one “locals say they could her growling and in-human screams coming from the basement below, yet while investigators checked out the basement, nothing was found, but only a sign of fresh ash from a patient…”. Victima froze with the news he just heard, he came closer and listened more; “All patients have been filled into the hospital’s system, yet one patient remains missing. There were no signs of how she disappeared but, officials say she ran away, but do you think that really is the case folks?” the news person laughed “Malum, the girl who was recently a new patient at the sanitorium since October thirtieth, we believe she caused the incident, but not much evidence has been gathered, as a community warning, we suggest locking all windows and doors, basements and attics, to keep lights down and areas quiet for public safety, signing off, this is CNN tonight.”

The program shut off and everything began to go silent, the music stopped… Victima looked behind, nothing was there, something felt off. He walked to the living room and saw the couple still hooked on their lips. He rolled his eyes and turned his attention away. Victima began to lock the doors and windows and the attic and basement. Making extra security in the room he and his siblings slept in, he grabbed a bat and a first aid kit and brought it upstairs. Before he locked the door, he checked on the couple again, yet…something was off, there was no sound from them… Victima ran to the living room and in horror, he saw Aaron decapitated with Sharon on the floor sobbing her eyes out. Aaron’s body was ripped open and his guts were splattered all over. Victima threw up, it wasn’t a normal one, it was at least gonna make his throat feel pain.. He coughed and fell onto the floor, he stared at the scene for minutes…but then a disembodied figure of a doctor appeared, the body stretched to its limits as it twirls on the ceiling with its jaws wide open and drool pouring out. Victima hurried and hid behind a counter. Sharon kept crying as drooled poured onto her, the creature’s mouth slowly expanding and then…snap..her head began to scream, her beautiful, pathetic voice began to sing, she cried, oh how she cried tears of joy as I ripped her brain apart and her bones crushed. She begged for more, I knew how she wanted more! I threw her up into the air, oh I was so happy~. Finally swallowing her whole, she is now one with me~. Victima shook with fear as he hid, but then it found him, not the monster…not Malum…but the doctor. Victima looked up afraid, he cried as he shook, he didn’t want to die yet, at least..not now…

The doctor smiled “Merry Christmas…Victima~”.

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