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The Girl Named Malum Chapter 13: Maneater (Part II)

Updated: Apr 9

Entry 005 4/1

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Dumah ran towards the pair, screaming with all their might. Rafael and Michael suddenly notice Dumah's sudden arrival, as they turn their heads towards the pair. They both raised their weapons; their expressions shifting slightly as they began to raise their guards. Michael made the first move, immediately bringing his weapon down towards Dumah's head. They ducked, narrowly avoiding the blade. Dumah launched a punch towards Michael's stomach, causing the angel to recoil slightly. Rafael quickly took a few steps forward and swung her blade down towards Dumah's neck. They quickly move out of the way of the blade, barely managing to avoid being decapitated. They spinned around and launched a powerful kick towards Rafael's stomach.  She spewed out blood, it splattered around the ground, coating the flowers in red. “Always using … your body to attack…THIS BRINGS BACK MEMORIES  RIGHT, DUMAH!?” she taunted. “Watch your mouth your you w####e! You always get pissy when you lose to SOMETHING!”. Rafael’s face scowled, her face showed that she was taken back by the response. She swung her sword at Dumah’s neck, trying to stab out her vocal cords to shut her up. “Your aim is off! You can’t even shoot a gun for Christ's sake!” Dumah mocked “All the things that you were good at… YOUR A FAILURE TO NOW!”. Rafael lost control of her flight and her movements grew slightly less fluid and controlled, Rafael’s flight suddenly becoming slightly more choppy and staggered. Dumah quickly ran towards her to make the first move. Rafael  barely managed to avoid the blade. She took a step back, trying to regain some semblance of stability. Her  movements still had a slight hint of awkwardness and uneasiness to them, as they raised their blade in defense. The angels became locked in a fierce duel, the two battling it out with ruthless intensity and determination. The two traded blows, attempting to seize control and emerge victorious from the clash. Their weapons clashed together repeatedly, the ringing of metal echoing throughout the space.Despite the harshness and intensity of the fight, there was also a certain beauty to it. The clashing of blades, the fluid movements of the two combatants, and the sheer determination both of them exhibited. However, it was also a brutal and relentless contest, and both parties were aiming to emerge victorious from it.Dumah proceeded to attack Rafael, landing a powerful blow that sent her tumbling onto the ground. As they landed, Dumah would proceed in taunting her and making her break more, judging and taunting her various insecurities. "Look how pathetic you are", they would say, as they stood over her and continued to taunt and mock her. "You think you can truly defeat me?" they would ask mockingly. Rafael would growl back in anger, their face contorted with  rage and a strong sense of humiliation. It was evident that their pride had been wounded, as they could not tolerate such insults and ridicule from Dumah. "I will not lose to you, you pitiful swine," they replied, a coldness and harshness to their tone. “I-I’m not weak- I’m s-stong.. I am-” Rafael had tears in her eyes, she was slowly breaking; Dumah smiled, as they knew that their tactics were working. They walked slowly, their weapon scrapping into the ground. Michael quickly flew to his wife to calm her down, but the anger and rage would already begin to simmer within her. Dumah continued mocking her, trying to aggravate her further and make her break even more. "You're weak", Dumah continued, as they continued mocking her. "Your entire life, every accomplishment, was a result of people pitying you and being sorry for you. You would never have become anything had they not taken pity and mercy on you.". The words cut deeply into Rafael who felt her face contorting and twisting with growing anger. She would shake uncontrollably, her fist clenching even tighter. Her pride was broken, her ego battered and broken. Michael  attempted to step in the way, protect and defend his wife. However, the words had already cut too deep and the damage had already been done. “Calm down, you mustn't lash your anger onto the higher one! You know you can’t control once you lose it!”. Rafael threw her husband across the town, his back making contact with the bricks and lumber. She lashed out in a frenzy of anger, her pride and ego shattered. Rafael launched a series of punches and kicks towards Dumah, attempting to attack without thought or reason, her rage and rage overtaking her judgment. Dumath would easily dodge or deflect a majority of the attacks, however, a few would manage to make contact. Rafael pierced her heart with her own hand and ripped it out, it morphed into a sharp blade; intertwined with flesh and bone. 

“What the hell did they do to you…” Dumah's eyes widened in fear “That can't be our blade… it isn't.. what happened-”. Rafael launched towards Dumah, grabbing their throat with force. Dumah gasped for air, flinging their arm around to knock Rafael off. She leaped onto his back, her claws digging into it’s back. Dumah screamed in pain “YOU F###IN B###H! GET OFF OF ME! GET OF-”. Rafael cut them off as she threw them into the trees “I’ll cut off those f###in wings of yours and hang them as trophies… Keep talking and you’ll see what happens…” her voice was cold. Dumah slowly got up, bleeding from the head and arm, they flinched in pain as they walked “I didn’t know Women like you were strong warriors…” they said in surprise “I heard… Not even Eve was strong enough to face God…”. Rafael struck her blade towards Dumah’s face causing it to only make a small cut. They wiped the blood and smiled “You make knives look like toothpicks…” They laughed as they kicked up the weapon and held it in their hand, it morphed into a white marble javelin, lined with gold and jewels. “I love a good fight!”. They laughed mechanically as they leaped towards Rafael, swinging their talons towards her neck. She leaped up and twisted her body, avoiding Dumah’s attack with ease. Rafael’s wings emerged from her back, she lunged another forceful attack, this time, slicing another wing off Dumah’s back. Dumah suddenly let out a scream of pain. They immediately retaliate, slashing back its own weapon at Rafael, aiming to take out her other wing and incapacitate her. Rafael quickly sees the blade coming for her, and just barely manages to dodge in time, the weapon missing her other wing by a small margin before it cuts past, slicing through the air. However, Rafael's movement had left her wide open, as her wing was still vulnerable while she dodged. Michael would observe the duel, watching his spouse duel and fight valiantly against her enemy. He clenched his fists, flinching a bit as he was still a bit injured when his wife threw him. Micael’s eyes become filled with determination and purpose. "Rafael, do not let them win! You are strong, you are brave! Do not give in!"  Michael yelled “I know this is corny but I don't know what else to do!”. Rafael grabbed one of Dumah's wings that was cut from their body “Slowly losing feathers Dumah? No wonder God kicked you out for being so weak…”. Dumah growled and pounced onto Rafael, biting into her neck and ripping her skin apart, Rafael screamed in pain, her voice echoed through the lonely trees. She kicked up her leg and pilfered Dumah’s crotch with her knee. Rafael quickly threw Dumah off and onto the ground as she flew away with the wound in her neck. 

She quickly came crashing down towards her husband, falling into his strong arms. “Oh my dear Rafael… What have they done to YOU!?” He screamed in agony “Please open your eyes for me! Let me know that I can see those beautiful eyes once more!”. Rafael's breathing was slow and quiet, she looked weak and powerless. “Stay here… I'll be thy guide to this soul” Michael placed Rafael under a porch, his wings emerging from his back, raven wings adorned with shades of purple. In one swift move he flew off into the sky. He scanned around for Dumah, but the thickness of the trees made it impossible to spot it. He then heard a commotion up ahead, birds flew from the spot. “They must be there… hiding like a coward and not fighting like a man…” he plunged into the trees and hit the ground hard, he looked around, everything seemed so still and quiet…but that wasn't the case…

Dumah suddenly emerged from the shadows and piece red their blade into Michael's heart, he let out a blood curdling scream, it echoed across and scared off the birds nearby. He whipped his head behind and tried to grab Dumah, but they moved too fast. Dumah tripped Michael and he landed hard onto the ground with a thud. “OH YOU F###IN B###H!” Michael kicked up his leg and swung it towards Dumah, successfully he was able to do a blow on him. Dumah was knocked back into the trees, a small pint of blood shot out of their nose as they made contact with the bark. Michael walked towards Dumah slowly, pulling the blade out of his chest “Do you remember the day when you were casted out of The Seven? Do you remember how that day went…?” Michael said coldly “Remember how we ripped off your honor and code from you…?”. Dumah got off and held their arm “What are you talking about…? I don't remember being stripped from my title.. all I remember was being ripped apart by He and being thrown down to Earth…!” Dumah raised their finger towards Michael “You and that wife of yours had no contact with me! She was the swan in black…The real threat, do you. Do you remember how psychotic her ideas were!? Foolish ways of bringing ‘creative’ ideas to the council… Do you know how much discord they could cause!?” Michael growled “Heaven is pathetic to begin with, that is why we left that idiotic council!”. Dumah’s widened “You were banished- How- When…?”. Michael looked down at his blade “Three months ago… we reported back after failing to pinpoint Memith's location… They ripped our wings off… and now we're left with raven feathers… All I remember was pain and blood, too much… Everything felt so dirty… But now I'm finishing what he wanted me to do… Killing you and bringing back your head for him to display…”. Dumah backed away slowly “But before I do… let's remember the day you were replaced

Me and my wife were admiring the flower gardens of heaven, the white Chrysanthemum flowers, they looked so beautiful adorned with green lush and gold ridges.  Her eyes were beautiful pools of amber, she loved the way the wind blew in her air, how the birds rose to sing her favorite melody at dawn. But after admiring her beauty for so long, a cherub called in our presence by God. So we did follow the small one, down the halls and towards the golden gates of his presence. As the gate opened me and my wife put our heads down in respect as we walked. “Rise your heads The Lovers, raise them and let me tell you something…”. We slowly looked up, our emotions were blank as a canvas “There is one I must not name, their mistakes are high and fixing is a failure. I want to replace you both as my closest seraphim, this is an honor to you, but you won’t fail me… Right…?”. We stared into each other in shock, we were at the bottom of the pyramids and such an offer is a big deal… Of course we took the offer…

We walked with him down the hall, it appeared to be different from the one we came from. Though I shall not ask why… we noticed that he held a sword alongside his leg, it was questionable, he would never carry around such a thing with him… we knew that this day would be interesting… he suddenly began to unlock a door, a marble one that was lined with gold. He pushed the door open, there were two seraphim, the two lovers Dumah and Memtih. Their eyes showed pain and betrayal, it was something that i've never seen before, not even the angels had such emotions… the feeling in this room felt so wrong… it felt off… I wanted to cry… I wanted to fall to my knees and scream my heart out… but I couldn’t…”My lord, is there a reason we are here…?” i spoke with curiosity “We are here to dispose of extras… " he responded back “Sit down and relax, I will make a show for you…”. He pulled out his blade and lifted it high, Memith was cowardly in fear, losing their balance. Dumah stepped behind with a smirk on their face as they stood behind him…

We watched as he tore apart Memith, ripping apart their back and ripping out their spine. My wife stared at the scene with no emotion, while I tried to calm myself as I looked away. I could hear blood curdling screamings, the sound of blood being splashed against the walls echoed through my ears. I peeked behind my lover's arm, I stared in fear as I saw body parts scattered around the room, Dumah was on the ground shaking in fear, they were also covered in blood. We watched as he threw the remains into a portal and looked over towards us. He motioned both of us to come forward; we were both terrified but we forced an empty expression on ourselves. “I’d like to tell you something Dumah…” he said “Memith's journey has come to an unfortunate end… They have been punished for their misdeeds and  transgressions, banished to the mortal realm to spend the rest of eternity as a mortal creature…”. Dumah went onto their knees and began to bow. They begged to be cleansed but he said otherwise: "You have nothing to apologize for, my child… However, we both know that you need not fear for your soul, for you did not have an outburst out of ill intent or malice, rather, as a result of your emotions and care towards Heaven...". He raised his sword “I will handle this myself…. I am much more qualified than you, anyway… You see, you are simply a pawn in our grand plans… Just another piece to use and move at our will… and once you have served your purpose, I no longer need you… And you will be replaced by my most loyal…”. We stepped beside him, Dumah’s eyes widened “You… YOU CHOSE LOVERS! YOU TRAITOR! YOU TORE US APART AND NOW REPLACE US WITH THESE… LUSTFUL SINNERS!” their screams pierced our ears that it began to bleed. We watched as he sliced Dumah’s head with one swing, its blood painting the walls of the room. We could see how pathetic Dumah was with their tears, but we looked down in pity. He pushed their body into the portal and closed it.

He turned towards us, we tried to stop shaking but it was noticeable. “Look up my pretties…” he said with demand, me and her looked up in fear as we saw this cowardly smile plastered on his face. He grabbed our chins “You will be a good use for me…right…?” he said coldly his eyes filled with hatred and death. We both nodded in sync, he smiled “Good… now just to make sure…”. He clamped chains on our necks and arms as he held them “You will be like my dogs… you are owned by megot it?”. We nodded in sync, though agreeing was a big mistake…

“He sent down to finish you… he knew that Memith and you have somewhat allied to overthrow Heaven… we won’t allow you too… this is the only way for redemption… I must… take you back…” Michael raised his blade “I will give her a life better than this…”. As he swung towards Dumah, his movement stopped. The blade of a sharp sword pierced through his stomach, Dumah froze in his tracks as he backed up “Who has thou attacked thee…?” he questioned “SPEAK!”. As the blade retracted, Michael fell onto Dumah’s feet, his empty expression was all that was left of him as the life from his eyes slowly escaped. Dumah looked back up in fear, their eyes adjusted to the darkness, he found no figure… but he felt eyes on him… He quickly turned around but nothing was there. Was his mind playing tricks? Or was his senses not working correctly? They left Michael’s body laying on the ground, bleeding out. Dumah decided to search around for the awkward presence, eyeing the area out for any changes… But nothing seems to change at all. 

But then suddenly flew past his face, they tried to whip its  head back but it seemed that their body couldn’t move at all. They started to sweat “What is happening… Who is doing this… WHO ARE YOU!?” they screamed. A shadow passed by their face and then suddenly… They couldn’t breathe. Dumah started to hyperventilate, he tried to move but it was no use. As they felt hands holding their face, a buff figure  appeared in Dumah’s vision; wrapped in bandages and scars and short hair. Dumah’s eyes widened as they began to cry “Let me live… please let me live… you know what will happen if he-”. Their head was torn from their body, the figure raised them towards its face, they smiled and grabbed Michael’s dead corpse. “You will be an object for my throne… But I want to keep you alive… I want to know where Memith is…” they spoke coldly “You remember me don’t you…?”.

Eve… its been a while…” Dumah spoke as their breathe as shaky…

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