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Supporting Local Businesses: Mamane Bakery

As we start to see COVID-19 restrictions decreasing for the community, our local businesses are hopeful for the upcoming months. Mamane Bakery is a favorite of Waimea residents and experienced the impact of community support. Ely and Emma Pessah founded Mamane Bakery in 1993 with the mission “to use locally grown ingredients as much as possible.” They also strive to support their local community, a mission that continues to stay strong when our community needs support the most.

Though most businesses have been able to stay open, Ely explains the challenges that he faced. He was able to obtain the PPE loan “just to keep the employees working,” but he “had to cut hours as much as possible and reorganize...production schedules.” In production and customer areas, social distancing and masks are required. These new regulations allowed them to stay open and continue serving Waimea with the same quality as before.

Mamane Bakery’s customers were happy that they could continue to buy their favorite breads and pastries through lockdown. Ely expresses their customers were “very, very supportive” for the community support and describes it as a “blessing.” In addition to their regular customers, the bakery received many new customers who “never knew [they] existed in this location.” As restrictions loosened, many people on furlough to safely discover local restaurants or businesses. This allowed Mamane, as well as other businesses, to increase their customer base and give them hope for the future.

As tourism starts to come back to the island, Mamane Bakery reports “a slight increase in the foot traffic of the visitors.” Ely also says that their wholesale business has returned with the resorts opening back up. Things are slowly returning to normal, only with the addition of masks and extra safety regulations. For now, “things are looking good” and we are all hoping that it will continue to stay that way. Mamane Bakery exemplifies leadership within its business, but also the strength of local support during difficult times.

Mamane Bakery is also a favorite of Parker’s students and teachers! Here are some of their recommendations:

“It's all so good. I’m kind of a sucker for food. I don’t think there’s been anything I haven’t liked.”

- Dr. Hamilton

“I love the carrot cake!”

- Ms. Heuston

“I love their sweet bread, any pastry that they have would be amazing!”

- Ms. Prowell

“Chocolate croissant!”

- Ms. Smith

“You can put me down for chocolate croissant!”

- Zoe Spikerman

“Onion Roll”

- Jamie Saito

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