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Seniors reveal the Lorax-themed Parker Bull at Fall BBQ

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The seniors revealed the long awaited redecorated Parker Bull at Parker’s annual Fall BBQ last Friday. Parker’s beloved 7-foot-tall Bull statue went missing in the late afternoon of August 25th, after the class of 2024 stole it out of its home in the Upper Hall.

The group of seniors carried the bull out of the school, loaded it onto a truck, and drove 10 minutes out of town to the garage of one of the seniors. When students returned to school the following Monday, missing signs were posted around the school.

The seniors stealing the bull in the evening of August 25th, 2023 (Unknown).

Over the next 2 weeks, the seniors worked on weekends and after sports on school days to redecorate the bull.

“Kidnapping” the iconic Parker Bull and putting their own spin on it is a tradition started by a senior class a couple decades ago, although the exact year is unclear. Previously it was thought that the class of ‘96 was the first senior class to start this tradition, but this tradition could have started as early as back with the class of ‘89 according to David Clarke, the head of the upper school.

Leading up to the day of the theft, the seniors convened as a class during Hui time to brainstorm theme ideas, then in a smaller group of student council members to discuss and plan out the details of the design. The class ultimately decided on The Lorax, a fluffy orange character from the mind of Dr. Seuss that “speaks for the trees.”

The design includes the Lorax’s iconic orange base, green eyes, and bushy yellow mustache and eyebrows (made with a synthetic hair-like material found in the art room), along with truffula trees, the unless stone at the bull’s feet, a cut stump for the bull to stand on, stones surrounding the perimeter of the “trunk” with the name of a senior written on each one, a truffula sprout in its outreached hand, and a “Maui Strong” sash across the front of the bull.

The seniors worked on the bull for a total of 5 separate days before loading it up to be presented for the Fall BBQ on Friday (Kaya Long).

At the Fall BBQ last Friday, Mr. Clarke prefaced the reveal of the bull with a brief background on the history of the tradition. Just before the tarp was removed, a behind the scenes video of the seniors stealing the bull made by Emily Atkins (‘24), played on the tv screens on either side of the bull. After the reveal, Kaya Long (‘24), the senior class president, spoke briefly about the inspiration and meaning behind the design.

The seniors felt like the Lorax theme was a fitting choice due to what is going on around the world and across the islands. “We want to send our best wishes to our close neighbors on Maui that were affected by the recent fires,” said Long. “We wanted to leave behind a symbol of our collective responsibility to prioritize initiatives to combat our changing climate.”

The senior class pictured with the bull at the Fall BBQ on Friday (Unknown).

The class dedicated the bull the Mr. Clarke and Ms. Rickards, both of whom have played key roles in their high school careers. “From the moment Mr. Clarke arrived on campus last year, he has been committed to getting to know each and everyone one of us to best help us move towards our futures goals, whatever they may be,” said Long in her speech on Friday.

The seniors also recognized Ms. Rickards for her ongoing kindness and support for the entirety of their time at Parker School. Along with the theme of the bull, “She has taught us the importance of valuing our environment above everything else,” said Long.

As the event came to a close, the seniors carried the bull from the center of the basketball court, up the stairs, and back to its place in the upper hall.

The seniors returned the bull to the upper hall following the event on Friday (Ms. Rickards).

Across the board, the seniors are very pleased with how the bull turned out especially considering the tight 3-week turn around following the annual Upper School Campout on August 16th. “Our class rocks!” said Emily Atkins, a senior.

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Melinda Mizuno
Melinda Mizuno
11 de set. de 2023

Your class did an amazing job in an amazing amount of time with an amazing amount of other responsibilities you've taken on. Thank you for such a meaningful-themed Bull this year. "Unless someone like you [us!] cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not." 💖

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