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School Sports In A Year Like No Other

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

As we all know, this past year has been a little chaotic. Many would even say this has been a year like no other. We have all been required to accommodate strange adjustments in our daily lives, including protocols for face coverings and social distancing. Despite these safety restrictions, however, our staff and faculty here at Parker School have found many ways to normalize some aspects of our unorthodox year, including the sports program.

Sports are a crucial part of many students’ lives because they can help a student get through long days and weeks of schoolwork, so it was important to find a way to restart athletics after they were shut down at the beginning of 2020. At the start of this school year, a few sports began practicing in person, a significant step in the right direction.

As the year went on and more sports began practicing, a few challenges arose. However, as stated by Coach Dunigan, because the administration successfully prepared the school to accommodate in-person learning, when we did start sports, we were already well-acquainted with the guidelines. Due to the school’s effective precautions and practices, reinstituting the athletic program was a smooth process.

But some sports have been luckier than others in terms of being given an actual season. Though there has been some confusion surrounding this difficulty, Coach Dunigan explains that due to COVID-19 and its effects on surrounding schools, Parker has not had any other teams to play against up until the winter and spring sports seasons.

Even though this year has been hard for everyone, positive changes have still occurred. One of which includes the transition to a co-ed volleyball team. As stated by Coach Dunigan, the senior girls joined the boys volleyball team to give them a chance to have a final season as seniors.

As this year comes to a close, we look to the future in hopes that next school year will include a normal sports season. Yet, we must realize that despite the pandemic’s uncomfortable adjustments and the CDC new guidelines, this difficult year for sports has been better than expected.

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