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Parker Paddling Team Wraps Up Their Successful Season

Considering that the winter sports season is over, it’s time to look back on the paddling season! There were lots of highs and lows and memorable moments with the team at Taco Bell, Minit Stop, and Ken’s Pancake House. The paddling team raced a total of 5 times, with two regattas, and three long distance races.

The BIIF championships were postponed, but rescheduled for February 7th. The JV team was not able to participate, as the championship was a varsity-only event. A HUGE shout out to the JV crews who have paddled this year.They did incredibly well.

Being our only varsity crew, the Mixed team of Ava Pajinag, Natalie Wipp, Arthur Taylor, Mik Caverly, Laynie Henderson, and David ODell went to Hilo to participate in the final race of the season. They had their best race of the season, and beat several crews, including HPA and Pahoa, but unfortunately disqualified at the start, as they were over the line. They fought hard and had a very successful season as a whole. The team celebrated the end of their season with a late lunch at Ken’s House of Pancakes in Hilo, a team tradition. Shout out to Arthur, who completed a whole Sumo size Loco Moco in one sitting. 

Ava and Arthur were both seniors this year. Looking back on their season, they had a lot to say. Arthur, when asked about his final regatta of his high school paddling experience, stated, “It’s a shame I didn’t see my good pal, Bob Samoa, at the regatta.” Ava said, “I'm so proud of how far we’ve come and that we had so much fun for our last race.”

After asking the rest of the team about their seasons, the team gave advice for current and future paddlers. Ava Harris, a sophomore, said,”If you’re sick, stay home.” Gibson McIntosh, a junior, said, “Guys, our one goal: DON'T FAINT!” Congrats to the whole team on a successful season!!

Members of the Parker paddling team pose for a photo (Coach Eric).

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