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Members of the Month for November 2021: Noe & Violet!

The leaders of Parker Press would like to recognize Noe Mitchell & Violet Freeney (pictured below) for their exceptional work in the month of November.

Noe Mitchell and Violet Freeney (left to right)

Noe is the review queen, who never fails to masterfully contextualize and analyze what she is reviewing in the most intriguing way imaginable. Some of her work includes a Squid Game Review and The BEST Movies to Watch This Fall.

Violet is an exceptional writer who fearlessly tackles difficult and complicated social justice issues. She always writes with such compelling clarity and her work is nothing less than riveting. Check out both installations 1 & 2 of her "Womanhood and What it Means" series.

Thank you both!

You can learn more about Violet and Noe on the about us page of our website!

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