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Meet Lucia Korner

Lucia Korner is the newest addition to the Parker School family. Luci, originally from Berlin, Germany, has flown across the sea amid a pandemic just to be among us today. Her determination to come to Parker is truly remarkable.

Lucia has changed and grown a lot over these past years. She used to be shy, but now, with the help of her friends, she overcame her fear and grew the confidence to travel from Berlin to Hawai’i completely alone!

She is someone who values her friends just as much as her family. She recalled that a month before coming to Hawai’i, she and her friends sat on the bank of a lake sharing laughs. It was the last time she would see them for quite a while, so she is glad to have a joyful last memory with them. Luci has so much love for everyone in her life, she is a genuinely kind person and is lucky to be surrounded by compassionate friends and family.

Her family has instilled a sense of adventure making her excited to meet new people and travel. Both of her parents fly planes as a hobby, so when she and her younger brother were on school breaks, her family would fly around Europe, sleeping at campsites and experiencing different cultures through a unique lens. Unlike the normal tourist who would fly commercial, book a hotel room, and participate in activities designed for tourists, Luci and her family would fly themselves and fully immerse themselves into the different cultures. They viewed and appreciated each country, even if their visit was brief, as if they lived there.

Lucia’s heart is too big to pick just one favorite of really anything. Traveling across Europe each summer has shaped Lucia into an open-minded, adventurous person and opened her up to new experiences. With her waking hours spent doing homework, she has not had the opportunity to read in a while despite her love of books. Her favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Though she doesn’t have as much time to do so, her other best-loved pastimes include creating art and singing.

Luci wants to have fun while she starts a new chapter in her life. If you see her around campus or hanging around the food court, make her feel welcome. She is such an incredible person- you would be missing out if you did not say hello.

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