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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 2023

With Halloween coming up, it’s probably about time you choose your costume. If you’re short on time, and don’t know what to do, here are 4 DIY costume ideas you can put together at the last minute!

Idea 1: Mr. Ruderman on Halloween

With just a quick trip to your local Starbucks, you too could dress up in Mr Ruderman's traditional costume, a Starbucks barista!

Idea 2: Spy Kids

Dress in all black and get yourself a pair of dad sunglasses, and you’re all set to look like you just came back from fighting a bunch of walking thumbs!

Idea 3: The Lorax

Paint yourself orange, and tape some feathers to your face, and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid Lorax Costume! Go speak for the trees!

Idea 4: 101 Dalmatians

Need a last minute group costume for you and your friends? Look no further than 101 Dalmatians. Tape black paper spots to yourself, and you and your friends can spend Halloween together trying not to get turned into jackets!

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