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Dear boy by the sea

Apologies for the currents

that shifted,

Our journey's end, the ship


Caught in the tides of

emotions, a dance,

I understand, you craved a

new expanse.

I bear the weight of my

sincere regret,

Complaints, rants, and a sea

of fret.

You didn't deserve the storm

I'd set free,

In the waves,

our connection

lost at sea.

Thoughts of the past, a

lingering mist,

Yet, returning isn't the

chosen twist.

Dear boy, sorry for the

chaotic spray,

You brought joy in your own

unique way.

You've sailed on, as the

winds decree,

In the whispers, I'll linger

near the sea.

Wishing you fair winds, I'm

truly sorry,

In the storm's aftermath,

know that I still care for you


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