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2024 Parker School Yearbook Predictions

With this year's yearbook being centered around music genres, I thought I would predict what each class would choose. Here are my top-tier, absolutely excellent, accurate predictions.

6th grade: Cocomelon

In my opinion, the sixth grade is Cocomelon. They’re babies, and their genre of music ought to reflect that.

When I was in seventh grade, I was extremely annoying, so I’m assuming they are too. Advertisement jingles perfectly encapsulate that.

8th grade: death metal

There’s a lot of drama in the eighth grade, but I don’t understand any of it. Death metal reflects that.

Freshmen: Kanye West

I don’t really know, but the freshmen feel like they would really like Kanye West. They also have a lot of drama, and so does Kanye. 

This represents the sophomores because of the famed sophomore slip. They all need to lock in with some lofi beats.

Juniors: country music

The juniors put way too much effort into BBQ prom for it to all go to waste. With that barbecue theme in mind, they should represent their forgotten prom theme with their genre choice.

Seniors: screaming goat noises

With the seniors about to leave, I’m sure this is how they feel about their impending graduation. 

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