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2020 Election Updates

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Saturday, November 7 11:43am HST

Biden wins presidency after AP called Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes for Biden. Throughout the nation, people take to the streets, both celebrating and protesting against the election.

Friday, November 6 6:16pm HST

According to CNN, Biden now leads in Georgia by 4,395 votes, Nevada by 22,657 votes, Pennsylvania by 28,833 votes, and Arizona by 29,861 votes.

There will be two run off Senate elections races in Georgia, which could determine who claims the majority of the Senate.

Friday, November 6 7:14am HST

According to the Washington Post, Biden takes the lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania. He now leads in Georgia by around 1,100 votes and in Pennsylvania by around 9,000. He keeps his leads in Arizona and Nevada, which have about 200,000 and 190,000 ballots remaining to count, respectively.

Thursday, November 5 9:58pm HST

According to FiveThirtyEight, new Clayton County votes cut Trump's lead in Georgia down to around 665 votes.

Thursday, November 5 7:19pm HST

The Trump's lead narrows in Georgia to around 1,800 votes with around 14,000 votes left to count, according to The Washington Post.

In Pennsylvania, Trump now leads with under 23,000 votes.

In Nevada, the Secretary of State estimated around 190,000 ballots remain to be counted.

Most of these ballots are supposed to be coming from Clark County, which includes Las Vegas.

Biden's lead in Arizona decreases to around 46,000 votes. At least 293,000 ballots remain to be counted.

Thursday, November 5 9:28am HST

According to NPR, around 40,000 votes remain to be counted in Georgia. Most of these are absentee ballots, which heavily favor Biden. Trump's lead in the state has narrowed over the past twenty four hours. He now leads by around 13,000 votes. A Georgia judge has also thrown out one of Trump's legal challenges to the vote counting.

As for the Senate race, it appears that both Georgia Senate races may go to a run off in January. The Republican David Perdue has just dropped below the 50% mark. According to Georgia election laws, if neither candidate receives a 50% majority, the race will automatically go to a run off. Because of this, both Georgia races could determine who claims majority of the Senate.

Wednesday, November 4 9:15pm HST

All eyes on Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania as votes continue rolling in to determine the 2020 Presidential election. According to NPR, Biden leads 264 electoral votes to Trump's 214.

As for the Senate race, the New York Times reports the race is neck-and-neck with both parties having 48 seats. Races in North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Alaska are too close to call. One seat in Georgia between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Kelly Loeffler will be going to a run off vote in January.

Wednesday, November 4 1:37pm HST

Associated Press calls Michigan for Biden, putting him 6 electoral votes away from 270. He only needs to win one more state to pass the threshold. Four states remain: Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Wednesday, November 4 12:04pm HST

Trump filed lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania, claiming that campaign observers did not have adequate access to where the ballots are being tabulating. He hopes to stop counting in both states until his observers have equal observational access and can review the already counted ballots. Biden officials say they are ready for a legal battle and support continued vote counting.

Wednesday, November 4 9:50am HST

Republican Susan Collins wins re-election race for Maine Senate seat.

Wednesday, November 4 9:18am HST

Biden wins Wisconsin. He now leads with 248 electoral votes to Trump's 214.

Wednesday, November 4 8:40am HST

Trump announced that he will ask for a recount in Wisconsin. Currently, Biden has a slight lead in the state as they continue counting mail-in ballots.

Wednesday, November 4 7:11am HST

Mitch Roth wins race for Hawaii's mayor. Kai Kahele and Ed Case win Hawaii's seats in the House of Representatives.

The Presidential race remains locked in, awaiting for the remaining states to finish processing their ballots. According to NPR, Biden has 238 electoral votes and Trump has 213. The fate of the presidency hinges upon three main states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

According to NPR, Republicans have filed suits in these important states to stop the counting of mail-in ballots. While the President continues saying that he will take this issue to the Supreme Court, it is important to note that—even in normal elections—vote tabulations routinely continue post-Election Day.

Tuesday, November 3 11:04pm HST

According to NPR, Democrats follow closely behind Republicans in the Senate race with 45 and 47 seats, respectively. In the House race, Democrats lead with 181 seats compared to the GOP's 174 seats.

Tuesday, November 3 10:49pm HST

Trump addresses a crowd at the White House, falsely claiming voter fraud and declaring himself the winner.

"So we will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don't want them to find any ballots at 4 o'clock in the morning and add them to the list," Trump asserted.

Even though the polls closed on November 3rd, votes are still being tallied in some states. The millions of mail-in ballots could take days post-Election Day to count.

Tuesday, November 3 10:38pm HST

The Associated Press calls Arizona for Biden. According to NPR, Biden now leads 238 electoral votes to Trump's 213. The pressure mounts on swing states Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Kapolei Hawaii voter service center remains open, further postponing Hawaii's election results.

Tuesday, November 3 8:31pm HST

Trump wins Texas. According to NPR, Biden now leads 223 electoral votes to Trump's 212. According to the New York Times, Biden leads the popular vote 63,064,028 votes to Trump's 61,696,853.

Tuesday, November 3 8:10pm HST

Long lines at voter service centers on Oahu delay results. Election results cannot be reported until those in line have voted.

Tuesday, November 3 8:00pm HST

The Associated Press calls Florida for Trump. According to NPR, Biden now leads 223 electoral votes to Trump's 174.

Tuesday, November 3 7:27pm HST

The Associated Press calls Minnesota for Biden.

Tuesday, November 3 7:22pm HST

The Associated Press calls Ohio, Iowa and Montana for President Trump. Biden now leads 213 to Trump's 139.

Tuesday, November 3 7:03pm HST

Biden leads 213 electoral votes to Trump's 118, but the deciding states are still tabulating, a toss up for either candidate. Biden leads the popular vote with 58,653,145 votes compared to Trump's 57,386,837.

According to NPR, Republicans have won 145 House seats, Democrats trailing with 124. As for the Senate, Republicans lead with 45 seats, and Democrats follow with 42.

Tuesday, November 3 4:40 pm HST

According to NPR, Biden is at 131 electoral votes and Trump is at 92 electoral votes. North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and Texas are all in play for both candidates. Florida is leaning red but is too close to call.

Tuesday, November 3 2:48pm HST

Donald Trump wins Kentucky's 8 electoral votes, as expected.

Tuesday, November 3 2:34pm HST

The Associated Press calls the race in West Virginia. Donald Trump wins West Virginia's 5 electoral votes.

Tuesday, November 3 12:37pm HST

As the first polls close and citizens cast their final ballots, uncertainty wavers throughout the nation. At least 100 million votes were cast before Election Day, and only 4.8% of voters say they are undecided in this election, compared to the 12.5% in the 2016 election.

Hawaii made the shift to all-mail voting for the 2020 election and has surpassed its 2016 voter turnout. 484,000 voters cast their ballots via mail-in voting, compared to the 429,000 in 2016.

According to fivethirtyeight, Biden is favored to win the Presidential election. He's led steadily in the polls with a wider margin in battleground states than Hillary Clinton had in the 2016 election. However, the race is close. Voter turnout and polling errors could tip the election either way.

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