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Every Time Pt. 1: The Lyrics


Why do you always seem to think I’m worth so much


Like you being perfect wasn’t ever enough

I know for a fact I shouldn’t be this in love

But the best feeling I’ll ever have is everytime we touch


I promise you that the minute we’re both ready I’ll be knocking at your door

But for now I’ll stay waiting telling you all the things I adore


Like how


Every time that we touch hands, everytime we share a glance

Every time we brush shoulders, god I always forget that I’m a year older 

And I hate, that we fell in love so young that we gotta wait

My heart knows, life with you is my fate

Verse 2:

There’s certain things about you I just can’t seem to get by

Like how you always hate on your beautiful eyes


But the truth is you can’t promise me anything and the thought of that hurts

See you could move on, while I’m still writing songs, and I’ll have nothing but that one verse

So just know


Every time that we touch hands, I just want one chance

Every time that we brush shoulders, god I always forget that I’m a year older 

And I wish, that we fall in love even if it’s just one kiss

Cuz to be honest, I’ve never felt like this 


And to me this is all new, but now I know, laying next to you

That you’re all I have been waiting for, I couldn’t ask for more

Final Chorus/outro:

Cuz every time I see your face, my heart starts to race

And that’s when I know, that I’ll be with you someday

And if you’re never ready, then I guess, I’ll still be waiting

At your door, still telling you all of the things I’ll forever adore

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Selah Vigil
Selah Vigil
Apr 04

wow i think you are a lyrical genius this is almost better than eating fresh bao buns

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