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The Importance of Journalism and the Student Voice

Journalism holds a steadfast and crucial role in our quickly changing world. Dating back to ancient Greece, journalism has played a significant part in connecting people, ideas, and societies. From harrowing accounts of conflict and civil uprising to stunning captures of eruptions and wildfires, journalism is as influential to life today as the water we drink and the air we breathe. As our world becomes more technology-oriented, journalism has moved far beyond newspapers and printed articles. Websites, blogs, social media accounts—the methods for reporting and investigating subjects are more creative and expansive than they ever have been. As the mediums for journalism have changed, so have the issues journalists seek to expose and analyze. From deeply analytical stories about politics to opinion pieces on parenting and everything in between, journalism is a voice that permeates all areas of our globe.

Parker Press is a microcosm of this greater world of journalism. As writers, students, storytellers, and future leaders, we seek to be the voice of our school community. As climate conferencing coverage surges on in Glasgow, our own coverage of domestic issues and schoolwide events continues from Ms. Smith’s classroom. At Parker Press, we emphasize the cultivation of student voices, and in doing so hope to bridge the gap between students, teachers, parents, and readers outside of the direct Parker Ōhana. Interviews help to introduce faculty, published poetry gives writers a chance to share their work, and editing and graphic design provides nuanced opportunities for students. Our stories are interlaced with humorous interludes and music reviews, and while these forms of journalism express student vibrancy and creativity, our researched coverage of changing U.S. policies and vaccine developments sheds light on the dedication that our members have in producing credible and astute interpretations of our world.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is the importance of communication. In isolation, behind masks, and through a screen, COVID-19 has upended many of the established ways we fostered connection and discourse. That being said, there are more opportunities today than ever before to be a journalist and fuel one’s own creative voice. These options range from editorials to photojournalism, from sports documentation to environmental policy, from arts coverage to politics and crime. Journalism is adaptive, and each year correspondents and freelance writers stretch the confines of journalism and solidify the importance of its existence. Journalism is diverse, and yet it shares an unwavering denominator of interconnectedness. We are connected as a people, as societies, and as the human race thanks to journalism, and Parker Press offers a platform to encourage voices to be a part of this interconnectedness.

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