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The Girl Named Malum Chapter 10: Maggots

Entry 002 2/8

Ever since I tested on the new patient, she hasn’t woken up once. I don’t know how she can process the food down while I feed her… Oh maybe it’s because I’m feeding her liquid-ish food. After the week I found her, she’s been getting more petite by the minute. Is this a special genetic trait, or is it because she’s secretly using Beauty Cream? Either way, it's confusing how she looks young. The Priest has disappeared again today, he’s supposed to be at praise and worship… Tuberculosis patients seem to be improving, I've been leaving them outside for a while. Most of the patients are bedridden, the children on the other hand are being schooled by the nurses. I’ve been thinking of sending some of them off to school, half of them are orphans anyway… I wonder where my coworkers are putting the organs from past surgeries. Maybe  they're putting it into the pit in the back or feeding it to the nearby stray dogs… 

The patient has no name, I’ve been trying to find records of her, but no traces. There was a woman who went missing a couple months ago, maybe this is her? I’ll have to ask around for information….

I’ve been hearing about mass murders happening all over America, yet no evidence has been found. Neighboring hospitals reported victims having their lower and upper half pulled apart. Their organs are stained and torn from the body, heads were missing or their skin was torn off. The muscular system was torn apart and not much was left to save them, even if they were still breathing. From rumors, I heard that the number of dead victims went missing after they discovered the crime scene. It all started with one disappearance of a body and now, the count is at thirty five… The cops ain’t doing s##t to fix this problem… 

The murders have been coming close to Kentucky, the closer, the higher the body count… After a certain time, the murders came to a “complete” stop. It was around the time I found this woman. I only found out about this today while socializing with other doctors.

 To be honest, I question how we rely on scientists for almost everything. How would they know specifically that the Earth is a billion years old… was it just a guess? How do they know that we evolved from mammals? Was it a guess because we look like them…? What if we evolved from a similar animal… How did we know that the sun will not burn anymore? I wonder if this is just the government’s doing of making people fear them… to have more control over… When did we ever come up with such numbers and facts…. Do we even know the truth anymore…? 

Victima woke up, his head was sore and groggy. He felt something weird move against him, he looked around and saw him slowly sinking into the ground. The hairs on his skin rose up as his whole body became overwhelmed with fear. Victima desperately kicked and flailed around, trying to free himself from the fleshy tendrils that bound him. The sickening scent of decay and corruption filled his nose, causing his stomach to turn in discomfort. With one last surge of panic, he let out a hoarse yell as the tendrils tightened around his waist, and slowly dragged him deeper into the sticky ground. The nauseating smell of corruption hit his senses, causing his gut to turn. In a last ditch effort, he searched for something to cut himself free, when his eyes caught a glimpse of the bat. Its barbed wire wrapping was coated in fresh blood, and it gleamed brightly in the dim lighting, beckoning him to pick it up and cut his way free. With every swing of the bat, the tendrils recoiled and sank deeper into the ground. Victima took a deep breath, attempting to control his fear and control the situation. But the moment he felt a wriggling sensation on his chest, his eyes widened in shock. Veins, thick and throbbing, slowly moved across his chest, making his stomach turn from disgust. What once was his heart was now nothing but a gaping hole. The veins that moved against his skin connected to the empty socket, pumping and tearing through his flesh. The sickening sound was enough to drive him to his knees and retch. 

As his aching head cleared, he took a moment to breathe, the cold air making his body shiver. He clutched the bat to his chest, his breath shaking and hands trembling. "What the f##k was that... where am I... how did I get here?" He looked around in confusion, but soon regretted it. From the flesh, he could see a skeleton figure with still-attached muscle, worms and maggots feasting on it, the stench horridly festering his senses. He couldn't help but gag at the stench of decay surrounding the mutilated corpse, his breath shallow. The writhing maggots and worms were enough to send his stomach up once more. His eyes traced the skeleton, seeing how the flesh and muscle seemed almost... attached... to the bone. He pulled the bat in closer and took another shaky breath, the sounds of the insects surrounding this figure filling his ears. He backed away from the body, this place he was in… it was hell… Victima wiped the sweat off his forehead, in the corner of his eye, a light peaked out from the wall. In curiosity, he walked towards the light. As he came closer, Victima heard a humming sound within the wall. Victima slowly began to tear at the wall, ripping flesh apart.

The light pierced into his eyes as a huge fly passed by him, his already-strained body falling to the ground. He gasped as a swarm of flies emerged from the gaping hole surrounding him, the horrid smell of rot and decay filling his senses. He sat up slowly, looking into the hole and seeing a large larva sack, dripping in a strange fluid and covered in an ootheca-like texture. Small eggs of larvae were attached to the sack, as numerous as could be counted. He could see even more of these larva sacks in the distance. He stepped inside and walked around, seeing a few piles of maggots eating away at the walls of flesh. In the distance, he could see mutated larvae, now huge with a pair of small wings. He shuddered at the thought of what could possibly be next, but pressed on, looking around for any other hazards.   

He froze as he heard a monstrous screech, his body trembling in shock and fear. Victima turned around, his eyes widening as he saw the monster slowly crawling out of the flesh wall. It came up to one of the larva sacks, releasing a large puddle of half-digested food all over it. The fluids slowly sank into the sac, the eggs moving frantically as the liquid spread. Victima watched in horror and disgust, his stomach turning and body shaking. He managed to shake it off and slowly stepped away, the imagery still haunting him. With a last glance back at the horrid creature, he ran down the flesh corridors at a rapid pace, trying to distance himself from that place. He kept running for a few minutes, the grotesque sight of the larvae sacs and the mutated flies still vivid in his mind, along with the horrible stench. But eventually, he could hear nothing in the distance after a while. VIctima had a sudden idea to explore the area he was in, his curiosity overcoming his sense of horror and disgust. But the back of his mind was telling him that this was a ridiculous idea, dangerous even. He knew he was in a place that was meant to be left alone, one that would drive most men to madness. But he couldn't help but be tempted to satisfy the craving to know more. He reached into his pocket and found his phone still in shape and workable, using the built-in flashlight to illuminate the eerie surroundings. He began to walk around the strange flesh environment, his breath still shaking as he took the occasional glance at the bizarre and twisted structures. The smell of decay and rot accompanied him as he wandered. 

He knew he should be careful while exploring, and yet he walked further into the unknown. The splitting paths all looked the same, each one leading deeper into the twisted flesh labyrinth. He saw the corpses in the walls, and his breath caught in his throat. They were fresh corpses, human bodies being fed on by the flesh.He continued walking, the bodies getting more rotten and decayed the deeper he went. As he progressed, more bodies began to emerge, the smell of rot and decay was overwhelming now. He finally came face-to-face with a mutated fly person, its giant fly head morphing with its face, half-decayed and writhing. The body began moving towards him, and the mutating fly head screamed out: "Don't get drawn in! She controls you, she manipulates with evil! You are already too far gone!".And with the last word, the body fell to the ground and stopped breathing. Victima's heart pounded violently, his face covered in a thin layer of sweat, and his mind paralyzed by fear. 

Suddenly, he began to hear a voice echo from the distance. It was a soft and calming voice, and it called to him for some reason, like someone he knew from long ago. In spite of the terror and horror in this place, it seemed welcoming, comforting, and reassuring. "Is that you…? Mother…?" His body froze, all the fears and concerns wiped away by the welcoming and comforting voice. The voice continued to echo, sounding sweeter and sweeter. No matter how scared he was of this place, he felt a strong sense of comfort from this voice. It seemed to come from everywhere, filling his ears and soothing his soul… 

"I'm here, my dear son. You are safe now. Come to me."

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