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The Girl Named Malum Chapter 14: Adam and…? (Part I FINALE 1)

Entry 005 4/1 

Born with another, her soul was together

Living in peace with luscious greens

She spent her days around her praise

Though when given a chance, she took its stance

Wandering through the forbidden garden, she wouldn’t know this would cause a bourden 

Punished for an accident she did not commit, she was sent to quit

Forced to bare children and blood, her eyes became flood

Suffering slowly as the world became holy

Her husband being higher than the one who gave life, she took this  like a knife

From generations, her mistake will have an effect on the world, as that is what we’ve been told

But for those we shall fold, her honor will be told

With the woman with multiple vessels, she will sure scare the devil

As the woman who always comes back in multiple forms, she will make sure you’ve been torn

Seeking revenge on the men who dare touch her children, her ripe blood will richen

Sparing no breath to one's throat, she’ll sacrifice you like a goat

Beware of the one who can look like a man, though that is not who he can

(Trigger warning in paragraph four)

She awoke, Rafael’s eyes were red. Her head was spinning like a carousel. Her body ached, it didn’t want to be moved from its rest. The world around her was quiet, not a single fly could be heard for miles. A wave of solitary washed over her. Rafael’s heart paced rapidly and sweat began to appear on her face. She ran and hid under a rusted roof, slowly calming herself down. She looked around for her husband, the one who was there to take care of her whenever she broke down, but this time she’d be alone. She started to tear up, as she disliked being alone. “Michael…? Michael…? MICHAEL!” she screamed “WHERE ARE YOU!?”. Her voice broke as she yelled more, but it suddenly stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder “Are you…okay?” it was Victima. She tensed up “W-where did they take my h-husband… Please… please let him be near!” Victima looked down “I do not know- But h-hey! He can’t be too far…”. He lent his hand and raised her to her feet “You won’t be alone for now, okay?”. He motioned her forward, but Rafael hesitated “W-what… do I do again? “Just walk forward and meet me in the forest…” Victima sighed “I promise you, I’ll be by your side till the end…”. Rafael froze as her hairs began to stand “She… promised me that too… She… she… promised… me”. Victima paused as he realized the depth of Rafael's pain and hurt. He gently took her hand and motioned r her to follow him. "I know your fears, and I know your concerns..." They began "But I also know how deep your devotion and love for your husband runs...". “N-no you don’t understand!” Rafael sank to her knees "Yes... I do understand..." Victima said softly, as they kneeled down to her level, a look of empathy and compassion on their face. "You are terrified of being alone, of losing your husband...". "And that is why you cling tightly to him, and why you are hurting so much..." Victor continues, their voice now softer and lighter in tone. "Because if you lose him... you lose a part of yourself, something that you cannot accept...". Rafael stood up and pointed at Victima, her voice filled with rage "You b#####d! You know nothing of my life! Nothing of what I've been put through! Why do you act kind now!?". "Oh, I know nothing of your life?" Victita suddenly responded, with a growing hint of annoyance and hostility evident in their voice. "I know full well what you have been through..." Victita continues, as they begin to raise their own voice to match Rafael's. "I know the pain you possess, I know how it feels to constantly lose people, to feel abandoned and alone...". "Do not try to act as though I do not know you, and your struggles! I know exactly who you are!" Victor shouts, clearly becoming increasingly annoyed and heated “You are just like me! Forced to take care of everyone after being abandoned by your parents! Being the friend who takes care of everyone but not you! Taking away the trauma from them when you end up with it!”. “Being bullied for your intelligence, bullied for your personality, constantly being belittled and abused without anyone standing by you!” He continues, his rage, irritation, and hostility grow even stronger, “You are like me, you have faced the same pains and hardship… you have been abandoned by the world, the world you wished to help, the world you dedicated your entire life to.”. “And here you are still, continuing on, still helping others and putting your own needs on the back burner to help them. No appreciation, no credit, just you… continuing on through the pain to help others, constantly being used by everyone around you. But the only person to notice, the only person who would ever notice was your husband.” Victita finally pauses, taking a deep breath to regain his calm and composure. 

Rafael had tears in her eyes, as her body tensed "You never sacrificed anything for anyone! You left them to rot alone! Just like you did to your siblings!". Victima froze, he remembered the day he was led out of the house by the doctor… he left his siblings alone, with his dead foster parents… Victima finally fell completely silent, the rage and heated emotion suddenly drained from their facial expression. He sank to his knees, as he was suddenly hit with a wave of immense guilt and shame. "I..I...I" Victita was unable to speak as they continued to process the gravity of their actions and how much they had hurt their siblings. "You have nothing to say don't you?" Rafael smiled "I knew everything about you since you were just a fetus, we were always watching every mistake...". Victima took notice in Rafael's sudden shift in tone "Rafael... you are usually more lighter than that...". Victima's gaze harden, as he suddenly snapped at Rafael. "The hell do you know about me?" he exclaimed "You don't know a damn thing about me! I never told you any of that, I never told you anything about my past!”. He stood up “And what do you mean by we!?”. Rafael smirked "Oh Victima..." Rafael's voice started to sound like an echo continuously repeating in a cave "You forget me don't you...?". Rafael's body was pulled back by a tentacle, revealing the true monster… “MEMITH!” he screamed “You won’t stop till you got me won’t you!?”. Victima growled in response, his expression transforming from shock into anger and fear. "Just leave me alone, leave my family alone, leave everyone I love alone!" He would shout, his hands clenched tightly into fists, his entire body tense with rage. Malum slowly leaned forward, its gaze intensifying as they stared at Victimta. "Oh, I can't do that," it said, their  tone becoming increasingly menacing as it did so. "I just want to ruin everyone around you, so that there's no one left for you to cling to…”. 

Victima growled “What will you get out of this!?”. Memith chucked menacingly “I just wanted to make someone mad…” Victima pointed out “You mean you wanted to anger God!?”. Memith went silent “You dare speak that name to me!? You are an ignorant son of a-!”. Suddenly, Memith was cut off to a kick in the head, making them fly into the other side of town. As the dust cleared, Victima saw a figure appearing over them “Get the hell up… for f###k sake…” . He knew that voice; it was Rafael. He grabbed her hand as she threw him up “I was watching that thing talk to you, do I really sound that corny …?” she shuddered as she made a fake puking sound “DISGUSTING!”. She turned her head around as Memith began to regain its stance “We have a bug to squish…”. Victima stood there frozen “What are you doing? You're not gonna help me squash it?” Rafael sighed as she handed him a spear “Use it wisely, I didn’t steal that from Heaven for no reason…”. “Why is it so heavy!?” Victima questioned as he struggled to lift “Do you guys deadlift or something!?”. Rafeal drew her scythe “Heavy weapons were made sure not to carry the weight, Heaven didn’t want attacks against their own weapons' ' she sighed “Basically meaning only the higher ups and angels could carry such things.”. Holding her weapon close, she charged towards Memith in anger, but missing a way to pierce its heart. Memith’s moves were swift but planned, Rafael struggled to stay focused. “Your moves have gotten better, yet you still are weak!” Rafael mocked “This wasn’t as disappointing when you were with Dumah!”. Memith was caught off guard and tripped over their feet “You… you speak that disgusting name to me… how… HOW DARE YOU!” Memith screamed back “I haven’t heard that name in a millennia, your words can’t mock me… YOU HUMANS CAN’T MOCK ME!”. Victima watched this unfold, he was frozen in place. Rafael lifted her blade “The moment I say something about your life, you crumble into a sad ball, crying to yourself of how your family betrayed you.”. The two went silent as they locked eyes with one another, not moving a single soul. Suddenly, Victima stepped back and broke a branch, alerting Memith and Rafael. 

Memith’s jaw drew back as their teeth grew sharper. The drool began to flow out of their mouth as they looked hungirly towards Victima. “Victima watch out-!” Rafael tried to yell but was thrown into the ground by Memith “You will not speak!” their voice echoing repeatedly “I will have that what is mine!”. They charged towards Victima, blood coming from their open stomach spilled onto the ground “I must finish one last meal!” they screeched “Oh Victima! How your body will be a sacrifice for me!”. Victima hurriedly spinned the other way, trying to get the monster off track and lose him. But all of that was of no use, as the monster caught up to him quickly. Memith pinned him down beneath them as the drool splattered on Victima’s face “G-get off… of me!” he pleaded as he struggled to breathe “G-get your hands off of me!”. Memith smiled “Pathetic boy, not even  the second time you couldn't beat me…” they leaned closer “Now…I want to have my fun…”. “N-NO! Don’t-DON'T TOUCH ME!” Victima screamed “GET AWAY! PLEASE, ANYTHING BUT THAT!”. “Just let me taste you and everything will be just fine…” Memith leaned in closer, slowly touching him with it’s hand “I remember  the moments we used to share just like this… so romantic and beautiful”. Victima shook, he was frozen with fear “Now let me love you again…”. Victima felt weak and tired, watching Memith was all he could do… “See? That wasn’t so bad was i-” Memith’s head fell to the ground, their body collapsed and the grip of Victima faded. Victima felt a wave of relief wash over him, but he still felt dirty. Rafael quickly picked him up, her eyes were filled with tears and worried “Oh my poor child, I’m so sorry for not protecting you…” she looked over at Memith “We shall go now and I shall make sure you are safe…”. Before walking away, she stomped on the head of Memith, breaking each bone and muscle to take out her anger. “Stupid f###ing b###h…!” she kicked the head away and walked back to Victima “We’re finding my husband… and then, I’m skinning Dumah…”.

They walked towards the forest, the only place they could’ve known that the two went. Everything was silent, but it was eerie that nothing was heard. Then a foul scent of blood alerted Rafael, she let go of Victim's hand and sprinted off. “W-wait for me!” Victima yelled after her as he followed. He then could taste the stench of blood that was strong., he barfed into his mouth and started to convulse and dry-heave. “W-what the hell is that smell!?” he ran deeper into the forest, trying to find Rafael. When he finally manages to find Rafael, he sees her standing over the pool of blood. He rushed to her side, his face becoming pale as he took in the horrifying sight. "What is this?" He would quietly ask, as he looked upon the pool of blood, the thick and heavy scent still lingering in the air. There, scattered all over the ground, was a thick and heavy pool of blood. It was scattered, splattered, and dripping onto the grass, and it was so intense that it bordered on sickening. Rafael was frozen in place, staring at the pool of blood in shock and terror. Her body shaking and trembling, her hands gripped onto the dead corpse for reassurance. “I don’t know… I… I don’t know what to do” her eyes began to swell “My husband…is dead”. Staring down into the deep pool of blood. His breath was catching in his throat, his eyes filled with tears as he moved to stand beside her, taking her hand and squeezing it gently. "Come on..." He began, his voice choked and raspy. "We need to go, now...". "But...Michael..." she whispered, her voice barely audible, and her words slightly trembling with emotion and concern. "He could still be alive! Don't you think so?" She continued, her fingers tightening around the corpse she held onto tightly for dear life. Victima was also silent, his own mind slowly becoming riddled with anxiousness and concern. He would shake his head softly, his face growing sadden and pained as he looked down into the deep pool of blood that covered the land. He realized the grim reality of the situation, and he knew how much potential the situation held. "I wish he was still alive but..... I know you know... he's probably gone...." He whispered, his voice breaking and catching in his throat. Rafael  begins to sob and cry out, her grip on the corpse tightening even more. She would scream out, a desperate and fearful cry, one of sadness and pain "HE CANNOT BE GONE! YOU CAN'T BE RIGHT! HE CANNOT BE dead... HE JUST CAN'T.". Victima took a deep breath, as he tried to comfort Rafael, his hand resting on her shoulder, as he looked at her with a soft look filled with empathy and compassion. "I know... I know.. But the more you hold onto that corpse, the more you convince yourself that it's him... and that can only be a bad thing.". Rafael sobbed and cried out even more, and she would continue to grip the dead body as tightly as she could. She didn't want to let go of it, as if letting go would make the situation all too real. "NO..." She yelled out, as she started to shake the corpse in her grasp, almost desperately." He IS ALIVE! I KNOW HE IS, I CAN FEEL IT.". Victima suddenly grew even more concerned, as he heard the desperation in Rafael's voice. He realized how crucial it was that she let go of the corpse, she was being blinded by her own fear, unable to accept reality for what it was. "Rafael, calm down..." He would whisper, his voice shaky and full of worry as he tried to take the dead corpse from her. "Please let go....". Rafael clung to the dead body as tightly as she could. She didn't want to let go, she couldn't let go... letting go was the only thing that would confirm her worst fears. Without the body, her mind would race and come to the conclusions that she had known all along but refused to accept. "NO, DON'T TAKE HIM FROM ME!" She screamed, desperately trying to pull the corpse away from Victima and back into her arms. She would refuse once again, shaking the corpse even more, as she continued refusing to let go of the body. She was in deep denial and delusion, unwilling to recognize that the body was dead, and that her husband was also more than likely dead as well.

But then Rafael's head shot up, her eyes dilating in seconds. She sprinted off, throwing the dead corpse into the tree and running off like a rabid monster. Victita would blink, completely taken aback at her sudden movement and dash forward. He would just manage to get a quick glimpse of her running ahead in the distance, as he tried to chase after her. However, she would soon disappear into the woods, her running becoming faster and faster with each second that passed.  He blinked, completely taken aback at her sudden movement and dash forward. He would just manage to get a quick glimpse of her running ahead in the distance, as he tried to chase after her. However, she would soon disappear into the woods, her running becoming faster and faster with each second that passed. Victima stopped, realizing that it would be futile to chase after her in the state of denial and delusion she was in. He turned around to move in the opposite direction, realizing that he needed to leave her alone and give her time. "But that doesn't mean I will leave her to suffer like that." He thought to himself as he began to make his way back to the trail. 

He then heard a siren-like scream echo across the forest,  it pierced the souls of Victima’s ears, making it bleed.  He collapsed onto the floor as his head began to spin. Suddenly, a red aura appeared from the sky, white claws  emerging from the source and began to search the forest for something... for someone. The sharp and piercing pain in his head grew stronger with each passing second, as his whole body was wracked with pain. The area around him became increasingly cold, the presence growing even stronger as the aura grew more ominous and sinister. He grew increasingly scared and horrified, as the claws began to move dangerously close to him. He noticed the claws had picked up something in their hands as they pulled away from the forest; when he heard desperate screams, he knew that the hands had caught Rafael. She screamed, like a victim being stabbed to death. She called out to her husband, but thought she knew he was dead; “MICHAEL! SAVE ME! YOU”D PROMISE TO PROTECT ME FOREVER!” her voice sounded drained “DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!”. The desperate and fearful screams of Rafael would continue to echo out, her terror clearly evident. She was begging, crying out for anyone to save her, that they cannot leave her alone. But there was no one there to save her, no one who would be able to protect her. As her screams continued, Victima's heart continued to sink with each passing second, her pain and suffering slowly becoming unbearable. Then she fell silent, her screams cut off abruptly. The only sound remaining was the eerie and ominous silence. Victima felt a chill go down his spine, as he recognized the significance of the silence following her first plea for help. She had suddenly fallen silent, and then she had cried out again, her second scream filled with even more agony and fear than the first. He did not know what that meant, but his instincts told him that something terrible had occurred. 

But a shadow loomed over him, covering him in darkness completely. As he looked up, he saw the hand reaching towards him. His eyes widened in fear as he began to crawl away. He scrambled to move away, his adrenaline pumping out in his blood and racing through his veins as the shadow loomed over him. He could see the huge and ominous hand reaching out towards him, as he scrambled to move away as much as he could. His heart was pumping out of his chest, his breathing growing quicker and more agitated as the hand got closer and closer to him. Victima  suddenly tripped, as he tumbled to the ground. His head hit the dirt, as the enormous hand hovered over him. He could feel the cold presence of the shadow loom, as his heart began to slam against his chest with such force that he could hardly breath. His adrenaline continued to pump through his veins, as he felt his heart pounding so hard that he was sure it was about to burst. He was suddenly be lifted into the air, as he found himself suspended in a grip he could not escape from. His eyes widened, as the fear washed over his body, and the presence of pure dread filled his very soul. He could feel the shadow's grip, as it tightened around his body, lifting him higher and higher, the pressure and the fear growing greater with each second. Victima struggled in the hands of the giant, as he tried desperately to free himself from the iron grasp of his captor. He would scream out, his voice shaky and filled with overwhelming fear and panic. "LET ME GO! PLEASE...LET ME GO!" He continued to struggle and kick, as his body twisted and turned within the grip of the shadow, trying to find some sort of weakness to escape from its grip. However, he couldn't find anything, and his screams continued to echo out. 

As he was taken further into the realm, his vision started to fade and darkness swallowed him. But when he awoke, he was in a cold cave. Looking around, he found Rafael laying on the floor, her

expression empty. “Rafael…where are-” she interrupted him.

“Welcome to Purgatory…”

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