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Chapter 11: The Mimic 

Entry 003 2/20

There's a new investigation going on I heard, apparently, these things called “Hell Holes” have been spotted. I overheard some cops the other day say that they’ve been appearing ever since the murders started. Some don’t technically know when or how it started, researchers say it could date back 1,000 years or more… Who knows? But, I’ve finally gotten information from a sketchy homeless guy. The lady I found on the side of the road is named Amy Wallernce. In her missing poster, she has dark brown puffed up hair, curled and styled. She had a beauty mark below her lip and on the bottom right of her eye. Her smile in this photo shows so much joy… But as I look at her now, her hair is adorned in blue. The man told me before she went missing she started to act… weird. She was too skinny, her bones were showing, she ignored everyone, and it looked like there was a hole where her heart was… Weeks before that, she was appearing less often, seeming to be distracted by something or someone… it was like she was disturbed or something; in his words. Amy was cautious and always had her guard up, she stopped doing her hobbies and returned home… 

When I asked the man if she had started to act like this months before, he said that she was at the happiest point of her life. He overheard some people talking about her meeting a guy… or woman… that she fell in love with deeply. But after a month of dating, her lover disappeared without a trace, that’s when she began to change. Always crying and worrying for this one person… And when the lover did return after two months… Well, the rumors say that she was brutally murdered, but I have her alive and well right here in my office. Now that I think of it, I did hear some evidence about the mass murders, victims had one thing in common; they got close with someone and then fell into despair after they disappeared. After a few months, they’d be decapitated, skinned, or brutally split into two. 

From a few rumors, victims are either chosen by random or picked specifically. Those who are specifically chosen are usually people who’s backgrounds are not so mentally well or well safe. The killer also goes after people who are in Psychology fields … but I question, why that field? It's a mystery to question… Let us back to observations; “Amy” is breathing well. She responds to certain vocalizations, those vocalizations being audio tapes of agony and death. I won’t go into detail why and  how those tapes were made, but It was an experience. Her eating is normal, still somehow processing the foods down… Her eyes seem normal; reacting and moving fine… 

There's been an infestation of maggots underground, the cleaners say a sinkhole collapsed under the basement. I’m surprised the building didn’t cave in yet. The maggots are a problem, getting into mixtures and supplies, I can’t even do a dissection without maggots crawling inside of the cut open human… Disgusting…

It's time for my next operation; I wonder If I'll have any spare lungs to feed… Amy

Victima stared into the darkness, his eyes straining to see the figure the voice came from. His mind flooded with the sweet voice, calling to him, reassuring him. It promised that everything was ok, that nothing could harm him, that nothing bad would happen to him. He yearned for that voice so badly, willing his body to act on its own, to move towards the voice. A dark figure emerged from the shadows, its face decorated in sadness and pity. The figure's grip on his hand was so strong, it felt like his bones would be crushed any second. He screamed in pain, he kicked around and flailed his arms; still, Victima was stuck. It stepped into the light, revealing its whole body; dark brown hair, curled and tied back, nails as sharp as a knife and a dress so light it could be a cloud in the sky. Victima froze as he stared closer, he knew that beauty mark under the red rosary lips… oh… oh how those lips shine in the daring light. His eyes began to tear “Oh Victima… oh how I missed your scent and teeth… oh my sweet boy… oh my sweet child…” she said ever so sweetly “Oh come closer, let me hug you…”. She opened her arms like a dove on a summer's eve, her smile reaching to her temples in a beautiful way. Victima ran and leaped into her arms, they felt so comfortable like a bedside view of a beautiful lake. She wrapped herself around him tightly, but this feeling felt off, her skin felt off… But Victima didn’t mind, he finally had her again. His tears continue to stream down his face, the woman wipes them away ever so gracefully. “Mother, I thought dad killed you, I thought you lost your arms and legs… oh how it was just a dream” he said lovingly“You can dance again, mom…”.  

“M-Mother your arms feel stiff and sharp…” he said with fear and concern “I feel your bones piercing into my skin…”. He looked up at her, his eyes widening in fear as she began to transform into the monster that roamed the flesh; Malum. Her body stretched and sagged, deflating like a balloon. The monster's screeching and roaring pierced Victima's ears, causing them to bleed with the sheer volume of noise. The monster took a step forward, its teeth dripping with black goo, its eyes wide and filled with pure evil. The monster snarled, its teeth sharp and sharp like knives. Its body sagged into the ground as its insides melted out of its mouth, seeping through its rotting flesh covering. Its face twisted and deformed, its features becoming unrecognizable. Victima couldn't look away, his eyes wide with shock as the sight of the monster grew ever more grotesque. It snarled again with rotting teeth and crawled toward Victima, its claws scraping along the ground and leaving small trails of decay in its wake. The realization that his mother was a fake hit Victima like a truck. He felt his world crashing in on him, his sanity wavering as he processed the knowledge that the one person he thought he could trust was nothing but an illusory monster. His mind filled with a flood of memories, of the abuse he endured, of the pain and suffering he had endured, that had all been a cruel and twisted lie this whole time. He felt sick and betrayed. Victima was overcome with a deep and overwhelming sadness as he processed the betrayal and abuse. He screamed out in pure pain, his soul ripped from his body as he realized the truth of who his mother was. He felt lost and alone, a shell of himself, as if all the light and goodness that existed within him had been stolen away. He fell to his knees, sobbing and screaming, the tears and pain flowing freely. But the monster was relentless, crawling quickly towards him, the sound of its claws scraping against the ground sending a chill down his spine. He couldn't leave, he was trapped in this dark, rotting prison. The monster snarled again, its rotting maw and twisted teeth threatening to tear him apart. Victima was frozen with fear, unable to move as the monster's claws swiped at him, its decaying flesh splashing across his face. He gasped with disgust and began to crawl away swiftly. "You... you think... you think I'm your mother... but I'm not... I'm nothing like her..." The monster's distorted voice would be filled with a strange mix of both anger and desperation, and the words would come out warped and twisted, as if the monster was having difficulty speaking in its current state. "You... you think... you think I'm your mother... but I'm not... I'm nothing like her..." The monster's distorted voice would be filled with a strange mix of both anger and desperation, and the words would come out warped and twisted, as if the monster was having difficulty speaking in its current state "You poor child. You never had a mother... I am just a representation of who you wish she would have been. I am an illusion, a fake, a shadow of your mind trying to protect itself from the pain of the truth. I am nothing real.". “No! You're lying!” He got up and began to run “I always had a mother! She always nurtured me! She always loved… me”, he began to cry. The monster laughs, its deformed and grotesque face distorted to mimic a face filled with anger and sadness, a mockery of human emotions as it crawls towards him."Oh yes, you always had a mother. But what I am is nothing more than a distorted memory of her. I was crafted by your own mind to help you cope with the trauma, as a defense mechanism to protect you from the truth. I am nothing. I am not real. Do you understand, dear child? Do you understand how much pain you have caused yourself by allowing your mind to create me?". The monster’s screech was distorted and began to charge at Victima, The monster's skin continued to melt and deform, bodies rising from within its flesh. Their eyes had disappeared, their faces distorted into grotesque masks of pain and suffering, with mouths open and howling with eerie cries. The bodies began to move, their arms flailing about as they scrambled toward Victima, who backed away in fear and backed into a wall. The monstrous bodies continued to approach him, their cries and howls filling the air. Victima is filled with fear and despair as the monstrous bodies continue to approach him, their screams filling the air and reverberating within the flesh labyrinth. He backs up until he hits the wall, his back pressed against the wall with no way out. The monstrous bodies continued to approach him, their cries increasing in intensity and frequency. He covered his ears, trying to block out the awful sounds. The monstrous bodies were just inches away from his face, their dead and empty eyes staring right at him. He was terrified and had nowhere else to go. “Come on Victima… let loose, join your mother up in heaven where she resides, don’t you want to see her with her legs and arms again!?”. He froze as his mind flashed an unwanted memory; the night where his father took his mother’s life… “NO!” he screamed as his eyes began to pour “Oh nonononononononononononono” he gasped as he began to lose air. “Isn't it funny? HowI remember the day so well; Your father was being a drunkard, throwing his bottles onto the glass filled floor and your mother cooking meatloaf that your father hates…”. The monster crawled onto the ceiling, ripping parts of flesh as it did “you were drawing a ‘happy family’ for her, dinner came along and dad was angry… Oh how she helped with your food and how your father began to insult both of you…”

“DO IT YOURSELF YOU PATHETIC CHILD” Father screamed “MARIA! You pathetic wife! You're supposed to give me a child who is independent! YOU PATHETIC W##E!”. Father slapped Mother with all his might, her mouth looked like she ate a bunch of red popsicles. Mother began to cry and father began to scream. I watched as I sat at dinner and stared at daddy playing rough with mommy. I thought they were playing like how me and my classmates do in the playground, but this one was different. Mommy was screaming for help, like I do when I need help from teachers. Daddy was hurting mommy like how my bully hurts me… I… I don’t want Mommy to be cut by a sword like me… so I sat there afraid. He grabbed her and took her somewhere where I couldn’t see, I was wondering if daddy took her to say sorry… But then I heard a scream, a very scary one… I hid under the table thinking the boogeyman might come and chop off my legs, but no monster came… only my father. I followed Daddy around, he wouldn’t answer me. “Daddy? Where’s mommy? Daddy? Daddy, I want Mommy!” I yelled at him, but he didn't come down and talk to me… Suddenly Daddy went into his special shed and then… BOOM! The shack shook and red paint splattered on the window. I ran to Daddy because I thought he was finger painting without me. But when I came back, Daddy’s head was missing and there was a big hole in his heart.  I screamed and cried, Daddy wasn’t talking… I ran to find Mommy, I ran into the house and went upstairs to find her,  but it was hard too, she wasn’t in any of the rooms. I ran down and looked for her there. Mommy wasn’t in the living room watching people guess for big money and she wasn’t in her music room either. I walked to the bathroom because it was the only place she could be… I regretted it. I screamed and cried, Mommy was laying there with a cut split down the middle of head and with a hole in her heart. I don’t remember how long I screamed for… Mommy was dead… Daddy was dead… I was all alone… 

All I remember is sirens… my parents were put into bags and they left me in the cop car… and then… lights came flashing towards me and soon the car was flying… 

Victima dropped to the floor, his heart aching with pain. He heard a taunting voice fill his mind, telling him he was worthless, that no one cared about him, that he couldn't please his parents. The monster crawled towards him, its claws hovering in the air."Just give up", the monster's voice whispered, "Everyone hates you... You're a worthless waste of space... You're nothing but a burden..." The monster swung its claws at Victima, but he was able to dodge them and threw a quick punch at its face. "You will make me beautiful again," the monster continued in its taunting voice. "And I promise nothing bad will happen if you give in... Your friends and family will be there, waiting for you..." The monster screeched and moved toward him again, its claws hovering just above his head. "You can be happy in my illusion... Just come on..." The monster reached out towards him again. The words hit Victima hard, as he felt a sudden sense of nostalgia take over. He remembered a time when he could be happy, when everything wasn't so dark and full of pain. He wanted to go back to that place, to be happy and care-free again. The monster continued to taunt him, its claws coming ever closer to him. "Give in..." it coaxed, "It's time to be free, to be loved, to be a part of something bigger... just come on..." It reached out again, its claws almost touching his face. "NO!" Victima screamed "This isn't real! This isn't how it goes!". He picked up a rusted knife "It makes me angry that you have been keeping so much from me... I'm ending you! GO TO HELL YOU B####D!". The monster let out a distorted screech of pure anger, its face twisted in a mockery of human anger. It took a step back, its claws reaching out to grab Victima and rip him to pieces. Victima pulled out the rusty knife and attacked the monster, slashing its face and piercing its rotten flesh. The monster screamed in pain and fury, its face deformed as it bled and its claws stabbed at Victima. Victima screamed in pain, he quickly got up and swinged at the creature, slashing its eyes. As it was blinded, he ran the other direction to find an escape.The monster screeches in pain as its eyes are slashed out, blinded. Victima manages to escape its grasp and runs in the opposite direction in search of an escape. The monster chases after him, its wounded face filling with even more anger and rage. Victima runs faster and faster, the monster gaining ground on him with each passing second. He knows he has to find an exit soon, or the monster will catch up and destroy him.Victima keeps running, looking frantically for a way out. He can hear the monster's footsteps growing nearer with each passing second, its screams of rage filling the air. The monster is gaining ground quickly, and it's only a matter of moments until it catches him. Victima keeps running, his heart pounding in his chest, his breaths coming in quick short gasps. He doesn't know where to go, he just needs to find a way out. Victima was pinned between a wall of flesh, his back pressed against it and had nowhere else to go. He could hear the monster's screams of fury nearby, the sound of others screeching and howling, growing ever louder. His heart pounding in his chest, he had nowhere to go, being surrounded by the horrors of the labyrinth. He tried to stay calm, to keep quiet, as he searched around him for anything that might help him escape this nightmare.A sudden, powerful screech filled his ears, the sound of the monster's roars echoing through the labyrinth. He could feel the monster's presence growing stronger, as if it was lurking just out of sight, preparing to strike. 

Suddenly, a figure popped from under the darkness; it was Malum, in her regular form, her eyes were filled with pity and love. “Victima, it’s me… my love, I’ve come back” she opened her arms “Let's get out of here, baby”. She opened her arms and begged for him to come to her, that she would get him out of this nightmarish place. She was only met with anger and resentment, as Victima saw right through her lies and deceit. He knew that she was trying to manipulate and trick him into giving in to her illusions.“Malum I-” Victima stopped himself “N-no, not this! YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ME!”. Malum’s eyes widened as she began to cry “But… Victima! What are you talking about!?” she sniffed “I would never hurt you!”. Victima growled “Oh you b###h! YOU MANIPULATIVE SON OF A B###H! I know what you are! You're a person who will do anything to get what they want. I know you're a fallen angel!”. Malum tensed up, the feeling in her eyes began to run cold, her veins began to pop out of her face. “You don’t know anything, Victima…” she smiled cruelly “And I will keep it that way…”. Victima was fed up, he slashed her face, tearing out her right eye. Malum screamed in pain as she held her face, her body drew back like a puppet on strings and soon the monster reappeared. “You…sacrifice…make…beautiful…TO ME!” the monster charged at Victima, its claws tearing apart flesh as it ran. The monster was filled with a violent rage, a hunger for destruction and consumption. It was fueled by its hate and malice, as it continued to hunt its prey .And the cycle began again. No matter what Victima does, it seems he cannot escape the monster and Malum's grasp. The monster rips at his flesh, his wounds causing unimaginable pain. As Malum laughs cruelly from the shadows, Victima realizes he stands no chance of escaping this hellish nightmare. As Victima stands in the labyrinth, surrounded by the blood of his own flesh and the screams of the bodies that stalk the halls, he feels himself grow weaker and weaker. His will to live is draining from him, as if his light is slowly being extinguished. He knows that he has to find a way out soon, or he will fall into the darkness and become one of the monsters that haunt the maze. As he stares into the abyss, the abyss stares back. His mind is slowly succumbing to the darkness, his soul slowly evaporating. He has nothing left to live for. As the screams of the monstrous bodies echo through the labyrinth, a dark and terrible sense of hopelessness takes over. He feels like an empty shell, as if he is nothing but a hollow husk of a man, rotting away. He's lost all hope for freedom, all hope for salvation, all hope for peace. Victima rises from the carnage of his own flesh, his wounds having slowly healed itself. He stands up, his mind filled with a surge of determination and anger. He stares at the monsters around him, as he begins to attack them relentlessly. He slashes at the monsters, tearing out their eyes and destroying their flesh with furious rage. The monsters scream and howl in pain, as Victima lays waste to them with no mercy. Victima continues his brutal massacre, ripping through the flesh creatures with ruthless determination. He slashes and cuts and tears at the monsters, mutilating their bodies and destroying their very essence. The monsters scream and howl in agony and fear, as Victima shows no mercy in the slaughter of their bodies. The blood sprays and pours out with each strike and slash, and the smell of flesh and gore fills the air. The violence and carnage continues for some time, with Victima showing no signs of stopping. The monsters are helpless against his rage, their bodies being ripped to shreds and left lying in piles of bloody and mutilated flesh. 

Soon, his whole body is covered in it, he stares at the mess he created with a smile. He laughs psychotically as his tears flow. He's completely lost his sanity, his mind twisted and warped by the horrors of the labyrinth. He's becoming more monster than man, his actions no longer human. Victima laughs and cries simultaneously, as he is filled with a sense of psychotic pleasure and twisted satisfaction. He's becoming more and more disconnected from his humanity, as his actions become closer to that of the inhuman creatures that inhabit the labyrinth. His mind is being warped and twisted by this place of nightmares, as he loses his connection to reality. The blood and gore that cover his body feel like a second skin. Victima stares at the carnage, as the reality of what he has done slowly dawns on him. He has descended into madness, has lost his grip completely. He begins to slowly wander away from the scene of massacre, his mind growing calmer and his steps becoming more methodical. He is still filled with a sense of twisted satisfaction, but he is starting to gain back his sanity. He knows he must find a way out of this labyrinth, as this place has changed him into something... dark and inhuman. As he wanders through the labyrinth, Victima feels his anger and rage begin to subside. He is no longer consumed by a sense of psychotic satisfaction or a desire for revenge, and his mind is becoming clearer and more rational. He has a goal now, a purpose; find a way out of the labyrinth. His footsteps become more deliberate and his focus begins to narrow. The labyrinth is a place of nightmares and horrors, but some moments of clarity and awareness break through. Victima begins to notice the beauty of the darkness, the hidden details of the shadows. He begins to perceive this place of darkness and decay as more than just a twisted maze of cruelty and pain. His mindset has shifted, his perspective has changed. After a while, Victima finds the exit to the labyrinth. He stands in front of the exit, staring at the brightness of the light beyond, feeling a sense of relief knowing he is finally free from the horror of the labyrinth. He knows he will never forget his time here, but he's glad that he has escaped, that he can finally leave this place behind. His mind is filled with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose, knowing that he has survived this nightmare and can return to the real world. After a while, Victima finds the exit to the labyrinth. He stands in front of the exit, staring at the brightness of the light beyond, feeling a sense of relief knowing he is finally free from the horror of the labyrinth. He knows he will never forget his time here, but he's glad that he has escaped, that he can finally leave this place behind. His mind is filled with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose, knowing that he has survived this nightmare and can return to the real world. Victima crawls out of the flesh hole and finds himself in a grassy field next to the abandoned town. The grass is tall and green, and the air is clean and fresh. The sky is clear, with only a few clouds floating in it. All around, the town lies in ruins, its buildings crumbling and decayed. Victima sighed. If I go that way maybe I will find supplies to aid myself… he thought to himself as he began to walk away from the hole.

Below the surface, the body of the monster lays unconscious, but yet it begins to move and contract back to its original self. It snaps its jaw into place and lifts itself. She screeched as she regained her stance, spewing out empty human shells from her mouth. The monster clawed at the ground yearning for food, she spotted one of her larvae crawling around and consumed it without chewing. “So…hungry…need more…” she began to crawl on the ground. The monster begins to crawl on the ground, its body becoming even more twisted and mutated. It hungers for flesh and blood, driven by its primal urges to feed and consume. The monster's body distorts and warps, the flesh around it beginning to mold into new and disturbing forms. The monster's hunger grows stronger, its desire to feed and destroy becoming more and more intense. The monster claws at the ground, searching for its next meal. Its hunger is unstoppable, its thirst for flesh and blood unquenchable. The monster is no longer just a creature of the flesh labyrinth, it has become a predator of the real world. It is driven by nothing but a primal instinct to hunt and destroy. “I will…always be reformed and never…discarded…” its voice echoed as it crawled towards the opening of the hole…

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