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Reviewing the Worst Fashion Trends of 2023 and Predictions for 2024

Updated: Jan 9

As we come to the close of 2023 we have a lot to reflect on. However, nothing may be as controversial as the fashion trends society decided to make popular. So, let’s take a look at these fashion preferences, from best to worst, and recap on peoples stylistic choices from the last year.

#1 Matching Sets

Photo Credit: Madewell Website

This last year we’ve seen coloring matching come back into style and it is not subject to just one genre of clothing. We see it in lounge wear, business attire, and workout fits. Personally, I love this trend. It allows people to dress up and dress down without having to spend an arm and a leg. Matching sets are super easy to layer making it fun to create a sweet fit with jewelry, jackets, and shoes. Matching sets also don’t compromise comfort for looks, they allow you to have style with leisure. My only caveat with these sets is that I don’t think they can't stand alone, they require accessorizing! Honestly, I love this style as long as they are worn to their fullest and I hope they continue into the new year. 

2# Headphones

Photo Credit: Misfashioned on Pinterest

Photo Credit: Etsy

Let's talk about headphones. Who knew that these noise canceling, music emitting objects that were once seen as clunky have become stables for the everyday fit. From the Airpod Max to the Bose QuiteComfort people are turning these music producing earmuffs into fashion statements and I think they slay. They are often seen paired with casual city wear or academia aesthetics, however, what is really cool is that many people have creatively enhanced their headphones. For a more quirky style, many people use crochet and other artistic mediums to make their headphones more fun. Again, I love this, I think it’s really fun what people are doing and I think we’ve been able to turn something that once felt awkward and clunky into a necessary accessory.

#3 Low Rise Jeans

Photo Credit: Mikayla Johnstone on Pinterest

Ok, lowrise jeans are a bit controversial. This is a style that originated in the height of Y2K fashion in the early 2000’s and granted, they can create some cute outfits but I think society has made them out to be another blow to body positivity efforts. These jeans have been made and used to expose the eternity of the wearer's torso and almost any image you see of them portray a tiny figure with a flat stomach and no imperfections. I don’t think low rise jeans themselves are the problem but rather the fact that society has created a standard of who can wear them and be accepted and who cannot. I hope that moving forward we can change the narrative of these pants to be more inclusive

#4 Crocs

Photo Credit: Vogue Website

Ok, so I’ve debated my opinions on this for a long time. At first I was like “yea I think crocs are cool” but now I realize how wrong I was. Personally, crocs just aren’t it for me. I don’t have anything against them, I just don’t see any use. First of all they are not stylish and they detract from any outfit. Second of all, the whole “but they are comfortable” card doesn’t work with me. Why not try Birkenstocks if you’re looking for comfort, they do the same thing and have looks going for them. Honestly, I might have something against crocs, I really don’t know but what I do know is that they’ve been popular for a while and I think it’s time that we move on. 

Predicted Trends of 2024:

Big Gold Jewelry

Photo Credit: Kei Jewelry on Pinterest

I think as we enter into 2024 big jewelry, especially gold, will start to come into style. For a while now I think the addition of jewelry has taken on a minimalistic tone with dainty necklaces and simple earrings, but I think it’s time for a change. I think having more fun with jewelry and using it as a focal point for your daily fits is going to be the future of everyday fashion and I love it. With this style you can elevate a simple look or accent your finest attire. Let's hope this catches on and we see this style come out in the new year.

Diana Aesthetic

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Princess Diana has always been an icon, but I think next year her fashion style is going to be the inspiration for many outfits. These looks would have a range from casual athletic wear to business attire but no matter what they all carry this same Diana charm. Each one is elegant and not overdone and has some additional accessory whether it be sunglasses, a clutch, or a tote bag. I’m very excited to see Diana’s look take off in the modern world and I can’t wait to see how people get inspired. 


Photo Credit: Free People Website

Beanies are going to become the new norm. In 2024, no matter if it's hot or cold I think beanies are going to be integrated into the everyday look to add that extra bit of spice to the fit. Beanies used to be worn as a strictly functional accessory, something you wore when it was chilly out. However, we’ve slowly started to see them pop up in different aesthetics; skater, city wear, granola girl, and I think they are going to make their way into many others. Similar to what headphones became in 2023, I think beanies are going to be a fun addition to the wardrobe in 2024!

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Matthew Shemwell
Matthew Shemwell
Jan 24

I've got a bone to pick with you.


Jan 24

So granola!

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