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Say Hello to the Writing Lab!

Free Stuff! Now that we have your attention, let us introduce a new addition to Parker School this year… the Writing Lab! The Writing Lab, a resource created by sophomores Ramsey Hauanio and Genevieve Savage, offers FREE advice, peer revision, and essay writing strategies with a hope to “offer additional support to students with their writing assignments.”

If you are experiencing writer’s block, having a difficult time structuring an essay, beginning an essay, or developing a thesis, this is a great opportunity to receive assistance. Ramsey hopes that “it is a place that students can come for guidance so that they may be given the resources to feel confident in their writing capabilities.”

Regardless of whether or not you are experiencing difficulties, the Writing Lab can still be of service. Simply having fresh eyes on your writing by having a fellow peer proofread your essay is highly beneficial. Mr. Naj believes that “Writing Lab is a place to create and develop your ideas” and encourages his students to think of writing as an art—it takes time and input from others to craft a piece that effectively conveys your point.

Think about accomplished authors and journalists. They all have editors to help them refine their writing until they are satisfied. “Writing is not an independent process,” says Ms. Smith, “it is not something that happens in isolation, where the writer emerges from a cave with a miraculously perfect product. Writing Lab is an opportunity for students to get this kind of support at any stage of the writing process.”

If you are interested in the Writing Lab, please don’t hesitate to stop by Ms. Smith’s room (room 38 on the Middle School deck) every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch. As Ms. Smith puts it, “Writing Lab isn't the place for ‘bad’ writers - it's a place to get better at writing.” We hope to see you there!

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