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  • Max Paris-Larson

Voices of Waimea Pt. 2: The Waimea Experience of Mr. Naj

By: Max

Mr. Najita has been a part of Parker School for 29 years and in those years he has taught several different classes. He started out as a middle school teacher, where the only building for middle school was the Annex. He has been a Senior English Teacher. He was the first AP English teacher. He was the 9th grade English teacher for 19 years, and is now working part time, teaching Songwriting, Philosophy, and AP Language and Composition.

Throughout the years, Mr. Naj has gone through many classes, but he was here way back when the middle school was two rooms in the Annex, one for 8th grade and one for 7th. There were only two teachers. He was the Humanities teacher, and there was a STEM teacher as well. This middle school was a project based Schooling experience. They did lots of community work and hands-on learning. A whole different way of learning than what we have now. “Blah Blah Blah”. How amazing would it be to have gone through middle school, the supposed  “worst years ever” and loved it so much it still had an effect on you even so many years later. I would want to remember it too. 

Mr. Naj has a very unique and, I believe, fun way of teaching english. It is all project based. You get to come up with what you want to write about and in what format you want to write it. However this wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t until Mr. Dunn became the Headmaster that Mr. Naj got to start teaching in that way. “Blah Blah Blah”. He wanted to teach this way and was given the opportunity, and took it. 

Asking Mr. Naj the Question, “Over your many years teaching here at Parker, what is one of the biggest changes you have experienced?” His response was something I had not expected. He said, “Blah Blah Blah” . That is an incredible thing to be able to say. Over the years Parker’s atmosphere has changed so little, it has and will always be Parker school. From the​​ teachers to the students to the administration to  even the land, Parker is Parker. This is a community and not just a school. 

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