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Top 5 Ways to Be More Eco-friendly While Holiday Shopping

During the holidays the average person wastes around 30 extra pounds of trash than usual. Multiply this by the millions of people giving and receiving gifts and you have got a crisis. It is important that we do all we can to reduce the waste that we produce. So, as a gift from Eco Club, here is a list of actions that you can take to actively cut down your negative contributions to the environment.

  1. Alternative Wrapping Paper - During the holidays there tends to be a lot of gift exchanges with lots of fun wrapping paper that gets thrown in the garbage. There are so many other ways to wrap your gifts such as reusable bags, old decorated brown bags, or even fabric “wrapping paper.”

  2. Support Eco Friendly Companies - A lot of the gifts we purchase come from places that mass produce products and contribute to mass amounts of waste. So when looking for a gift, pay attention to how the company affects the environment.

  3. Buy gifts that help promote a healthy environment - You probably have a friend in your life who always buys a plastic water bottle to chug and throw away. Maybe during this holiday get them a nice water bottle. Another great idea is to get your friends reusable, portable utensils for their lunches.

  4. Send an ecard instead of giving paper cards - For those who like to write handwritten notes to those you appreciate, try designing an ecard instead to reduce the amount of paper thrown in the trash.

  5. Buy quality gifts, not junk - It is really easy to give cheap fun gifts that will most likely end up in the trash. When shopping for your loved ones, put some real thought into what they would want and cherish for a time long.

We hope that you enjoyed these gift ideas and hopefully took some inspiration from them. Happy Holidays from Eco Club!

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Dec 13, 2021

Great tips!!

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