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The Poisoned Po - US Breaking News Winner & "Bullitzer" Prize Recipient

Written by Ms. Lilley's & Mr. Ruderman's Hui (a joint effort).

Preface: Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022, Parker Press hosted an investigative journalism X-block activity for grades 6-12 titled "Breaking News." Each Hui was given a manilla envelope with "top secret" information including a police report, interview transcripts, and a "tip" leading them to an additional source. They then had 50 minutes to put the pieces together and submit a coherent journalism article accurately depicting the story they were asked to cover. THE PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!

Disclaimer: The following story is fictitious and all clues associated it were created for the purpose of this X-block activity only.

Beloved Teacher Found Dead, Foul Play Presumed


Mr. Tichy entering Mr Pogreba’s classroom.

At approximately 2 o'clock March 4th, Friday afternoon, 2022, beloved debate teacher Mr. Pogreba or “Po” was found deceased at his desk at Parker School. No weapons pertaining to the crime were found within the vicinity, apart from a strong chemical odor, along with remnants from the aforementioned chemical. The remnants have been sent to a lab for further testing and hopeful identification.

According to the police department, the time of death was placed at approximately 12 P.M. The items discovered on the scene included a bottle of water and a sandwich. We have deployed reporters to the scene to uncover more information.

At this time a tip has been deposited from an informant named “Noah” who says "I heard Ms. Weigle and Mr. Tichy arguing. Ms. Weigle was complementing Mr. Pogreba's teaching and basketball skills, however, Mr. Tichy seemed to be pretty jealous of all of Mr. Po’s talents.” The informant said “It seems suspicious to me.” He then proceeded to give us an image posted to the Parker Press Instagram account, detailing Mr. Tichy standing very menacingly behind Mr. Po’s desk. When we confronted Mr. Tichy, he denied any claims in a rather defensive manner.

After speaking to Ms. Weigle, we learned that Mr Tichy had questioned the lethality of several different chemicals. It was later reported that a vial of sodium cyanide was missing from the chemistry lab cabinet. Sodium cyanide is a highly lethal chemical when ingested. It is also worth noting that it is water soluble. Ms. Mannion says that “Mr. Tichy was looking for something in the chemistry lab.”

We have no updates pertaining to the murder, however it may be presumed that Mr.Tichy is a major suspect in this ongoing investigation. We believe that it is ideal for the current suspects to be further investigated.

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