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The Oceans Cure

When you feel lost and alone, know the ocean is a place you can call home.

Step slowly on the sand below you and let it be your stable ground, at times in which life feels as if it's spinning you around.

Listen to the breeze as it carries your worries, blows them away and makes you forget why you're always in such a hurry.

Feel the heat of the sun as it warms the coldest places around and inside you. Let it be a source of comfort and distraction from the cold world that surrounds you.

As your feet wander towards the water, and the shore becomes far, know the ocean is your escape wherever you are.

When you dive beneath the surface, and you're held gently by the oceans embrace,

stay still in that moment of silence beneath the waves,

where the world becomes muted and your troubles are soon forgotten,

when you swim back up to the surface leave your troubles where you forgot them.

As the water drips off you let it also wash away your tears,

Lie your back against the currents and as you float, take a moment to notice how much lighter you feel.

How the ocean does all this, I wish I knew. Perhaps it’s from experience, because let us not forget, the ocean is also blue.

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