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Soccer Makes a Return to Parker School

You may have heard that high school soccer is making a return to Parker! Despite the fact that Parker Bulls Club teams have been drawing in players from across Waimea and Honoka’a for HYSA level-competition in recent years, this year is the first time during my seven years at Parker that there has been enough internal interest to form a high school team. With Covid-19 still a prevalent issue in our community, there is uncertainty as to what exactly a season will look like. Games may be limited to a circuit with only other private schools, and there is even the possibility that smaller 7 v 7 games may happen. Despite this uncertainty, Coach Polhemus has surveyed the student body and there is sufficient commitment to conduct practices and prepare for whatever shape the coming season takes.

At one point, Parker School had a highly competitive soccer team. In the ‘90s, we competed on some of the highest levels in the state, and while we are far from that level today, there is palpable excitement regarding the return of the program. Polhemus’ vision for this year is to focus on a re-building of high school soccer at Parker, and to solidify enough interest to encourage the existence of a team for the coming years as well.

General Information:

  1. This year’s team will be coed.

  2. Non-mandatory practices are scheduled to begin once a week after fall break. These practices will be a great way to get on the pitch, start building chemistry with other players, and will help to assess where the team is at. The tentative start date for these informal workouts is October 19th or 20th.

  3. Full time practices are expected to begin early December (but once again this is not solidified yet and will depend on what the season looks like)

  4. If you or someone you know is interested in playing high school soccer this year and HAVE NOT already been in contact with Coach Polhemus, it is NOT TOO LATE to reach out. There are a few forms to fill out, and you can get those directly from Coach P (

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