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Rose-Petaled Rage

i’m nowhere near as

organized as

i should be

the puzzle pieces are

laughing at me

so much for


when i wept the

heavy dew i did

the wearisome war

that which i hid

put, again,

to death

that tickled kid

now the edges of

sight are more than


my torpid cage is


my rose-petaled rage

will turn me

maybe it already


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Oct 22, 2021

The writing is vivid --I can taste it and feel it and it feels authentic, an original voice, raw and unencumbered. . .taunts me to read more (because I am busy and need to get back to work). I am so glad I stumbled upon these poems --I especially enjoyed, "Silent Snake."

Keep writing, keep writing --I would like more of your discoveries to be described.

Bethany Stimac
Bethany Stimac
Nov 10, 2021
Replying to

Wow, thank you Ms. Kramer. I'm so grateful for your feedback here-- it's flattering to hear this, especially because I hope others are able to find something for themselves through my work (and of course enjoy it too). I'm gratified.

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