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Reviewing Snack Shop Food

DISCLAIMER: I think the snack shop is a great service and reviewing the food sold there has nothing to do with my thoughts about the snack shop as a whole. I have a huge appreciation for Aunty Jackie and everyone else who makes the snack shop possible. This is just for plain fun :)

Chocolate Muffins - I LOVE these muffins. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, and made of zucchinis and carrots so they are quite nutritious as well. My only complaint is that the texture can be inconsistent as the muffins can be oddly dry and moist at the same time. Also, if you are in the mood for something sweet do be warned that these are not going to cut it, as they are barely sweet at all. I wish that the flavor was slightly more intense; it is underwhelming. 7/10

Naked Juices - THESE ARE SO GOOD. They make for a great easy and simple snack. It is super refreshing and great quick fuel. My only complaint is that I find them overly sweet. Otherwise, I always grab for a naked juice if they are available. My personal favorite is the Mango flavored one. 9/10

Fruit Bars - If you are in the mood for a light and sweet chewy treat, these fruit bars are a great option. There are a variety of different flavors including raspberry lemonade, fruit punch, and strawberry banana. They are a great option for a snack, as they are super convenient to eat on the go. If you want a little something sweet, I would definitely recommend it! 8/10

Fried rice - While the fried rice has some good flavor, it is not my favorite microwavable meal that the snack shop has to offer (the yakisoba is my favorite). The chicken is always an off-putting texture. Although, the vegetables are quite good. Like I said before, the flavor is quite enjoyable but could be better. 5/10

Yakisoba - This is my favorite microwaveable food that the snack shop has on its menu. The flavor is immaculate and the noodles never fail to satisfy. The only complaints I have are the frozen vegetables, they are slightly mushy, but all frozen vegetables are like that so it is to be expected. Also, it is a little on the greasy side. 9/10

Cauliflower Chicken Bowl - The overall flavor is good, but not strong enough. The rice is also very mushy, almost the consistency of mashed potatoes. However, the beans and corn add a very nice variety. I just wish it packed a stronger punch. 5/10

Uncrustable - The uncrustable is a fine, delectable delicacy that can be eaten frozen, defrosted, at room temperature, or microwaved. My personal favorite way to consume an uncrustable is eating it frozen, BUT, slightly defrosted for about 8 minutes. The combination of the cold white bread, the thick layer of the frozen peanut butter, and the oozing, vibrantly colored jelly is unforgettable. I highly recommend, 10/10

Pesto Bowl - The Pesto bowl is very interesting, to say the least. While the flavor is good and the sauce is yummy, it doesn’t taste like pesto. Also, the noodles seem to have an uncomfortable texture. 6/10

Maui chip - While maui chips remain popular for the maui onion flavor, I feel like the barbeque flavor should have more recognition. It is full of flavor and has an enjoyable kick. On the other hand, the plain flavor is incredibly bland and dry. I do not recommend it. The jalapeno flavor is packed with a punch and is a great option for those who enjoy spicy snacks. Overall, these chips are a satisfying crunchy snack. 7/10

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Nov 17, 2021

Love this review!!

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