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Paddling Season Preview

With the winter sports season beginning this week, paddling practices are already underway. This year, we can expect the Parker Paddling team to participate in several short distance races, or regattas, from December to January, as well as two long distance races at the beginning of the season. The first (long distance) race will be in Hilo Bay on Saturday, November 19th. After that, there will be another long distance race in Hilo, followed by several regattas in Hilo and Kona.. The races will pause over Winter Break, before restarting in January. The BIIF championships will take place in Hilo on January 21st to close out the season.

Sophomore Natalie Wipp, first year Parker paddler, says, “I hope to go to states. Go big or go home,” which sums up many students’ hopes for the season. Ava Harris, another first year paddler, says, “I hope I get really buff. Paddling is a good upper arm workout.”

Last year's season ended on a high note, with the JV girls’ canoe taking first place at the BIIF championship regatta. This year's season promises to be a great one.

JV Girls at 2021/2022 BIIF championships.

Photo Credit: Mr. McIntosh

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