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News You Missed This Past Week

Mystery Monoliths

The first mystery monolith was found in the Utah desert which was removed within days of its appearance. A similar monolith was also found on a Romanian plateau, and another one was found on top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California. These mystery monoliths are all 10-12 feet tall made of polished metal, but they have minor differences in height or weight.

According to NPR, “ authorities in the U.S. and Romania — where the second monolith briefly appeared — have professed amused puzzlement at their origins and whether any link exists between them.” The monoliths have drawn attention from people all around the world due to the mysterious nature of the structures and their resemblance to the famous alien monoliths from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Artists have taken credit for the creations, but there's no verification of who or where these structures are from.

Monolith in Romania


Indian Farmers Protest New Laws

Protests have broken out in India’s capital of New Delhi for the past ten days in response to new agricultural laws. The three new laws will deregulate agriculture which makes farmers fear losing government support and price assurances. With more than a half of Indians working in agriculture, there is widespread support for the government to continue to set price standards. According to NPR, “India has now entered a recession– two consecutive quarters of negative growth — for the first time since the government began publishing quarterly gross domestic product figures.” Between pressures from economic problems and increase in COVID-19 cases, Indian farmers are desperate to stop new laws that will get rid of price controls and economic protections.


Venezuela’s Parliamentary Election

Venezuela's election will decide 277 members for their National Assembly, but many are claiming the election was a fraud. President Nicolás Maduro, leader of socialist PSUV party, has been in opposition to leader Juan Guaidó for the past two years. President Maduro has appointed loyalists in the Supreme Court and electoral authorities to ensure a socialist party majority. According to the BBC, “the EU, the US and the Organization of American States (OAS) have all said the elections do not comply with acceptable standards of democratic transparency and so they will not consider their outcome as legitimate.” If President Maduro is able to gain control of the National Assembly, he is likely to gain more political and economic control creating further domestic and international conflicts.


UK Leads in Carbon Emission Cuts

The UK has made a goal to outdo other economies by cutting carbon emissions by 68% by 2030 and work towards having a net zero emissions by 2050. Boris Johnson also plans to co-host a virtual summit for world leaders to address climate change, urge other leaders to cut emissions, and set goals for a net zero carbon emissions. According to the Guardian, “Johnson set out a 10-point plan that he said would start a green industrial revolution, and included a commitment to phase out petrol and diesel cars, build new offshore windfarms and invest in hydrogen fuel.” Some argue that Boris Johnson has not done enough and needs to increase funding and offer more green jobs and encourage low-carbon economic growth. While there is criticism on the details and extent of Johnson’s plan, the UK is leading in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions and faster than any other major economy.


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