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Member of the Month for March & April 2022: Kai

Ladies and gentleman, the time has come to announce the final member of the month for the 2021-2022 school year. Congratulations to Kai Kuali'i (class of 24')!

Kai has been Parker Press' MVP all year. Every single week he produces a witty meme to greet visitors on the home page that is bound to make them smile. He has also consistently added another completely original comic to his Life, Death, Tacos, and Hot Pockets series each week that everyone can enjoy, which now consists of 17 installments! This past week Kai instinctively submitted his content even while off Island, and took it a step further by taking advantage of the creative opportunity to make a special Las Vegas themed comic staring some of his unique characters (pictured below).


Kai's special "On Location" Las Vegas themed comic inspired by his travels (pictured above).

Back in the early weeks of April he also went above and beyond by taking a risk and putting in the extra time and effort to create an amazing scavenger hunt for the students of Parker School to enjoy. Kai created a mysterious character names Deimos as the facilitator behind the hunt distributing all the clues. He methodically planned everything out and embedded the first clue in a video that the viewer had to decipher to begin the hunt. This led to a series of clues in Google forms, and physical clues hidden around campus.


The first clue for scavenger hunt.

Here is what Ms. Smith and some of the club members that nominated him had to say:

"Kai's work for the Press is not only consistent, it is consistently funny, with a singular perspective and sense of humor. Kai is a reliable and positive member of the Journalism team. His creativity and innovation make the Press special." - Ms. Smith, faculty advisor for the Parker Press

"His comics have been a fun way to get a laugh and he’s always been consistent in getting a meme up on the website." - Noah Nikolai, a writer for the Parker Press

"HIS COMICS ARE SOOO AWESOME!" - Emily Atkins, a graphic designer for the Parker Press

Be sure to check out Kai's comic series on the comic page of the website and his collection of memes on the meme page!

Here are some of his most recent releases:


Comic teaser :)


Meme sneak peak :)

LOOK OUT: As the final member of the month for the year Kai will be taking over the instagram for the weekend starting now :)

Thank you Kai for all your hard work this year! Parker Press leadership greatly appreciates you and your fellow club members acknowledge and admire your consistency and commitment. You are the best!

You can read more about Kai on the about us page of our website!

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