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Member of the Month for January 2022 & December 2021: Everett!

The members of Parker Press have spoken and the member the of month for January 2022 and December 2021 (both 1/2 months of school) is Everett Gordon!

Everett Gordon eating his salad. 🥗

Everett is a phenomenal writer and an insightful editor whose attention to detail is evident throughout all his work. Every meeting he is an active participant in the group discussions, and his positive energy is infectious. His persistent dedication to the club ensures that there is never a shortage of articles each posting.

Here is what some of his fellow club members had to say:

"Everett writes articles almost every week and always has them in on time! He also gives thoughtful edits to other articles and has a strong, articulate writer’s voice" - Genevive Savage, an editor at Parker Press.

"He's been writing a lot of articles in the last two months, and specifically his article Keeping Up with the Ethiopian Civil War I think is deserving of recognition" - Noah Nikolai, a writer.

"He always gives his all in making sure that there is content to post on a biweekly basis (sometimes writing two articles)! He always gets his content in on time too" - Lucas Koranda, a member of the graphic design team.

Check out Everett's most recent articles:

Thank you for all your hard work Everett!

You can learn more about Everett on the about us page of our website :)

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1 comentário

19 de abr. de 2022

All those healthy lunches help make him as wonderful as he is! Congrats Ev! Love you

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