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First Love Series Pt. 1: AFFECTION IN AUTUMN

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We are quickly approaching the national holiday of candy hearts, first kisses, and nostalgic heartaches– Valentine’s Day! For some, this holiday is rough… but you need not worry. I’ve heard it dubbed “Palentine’s Day,” “Galentine's Day…” pretty much anything to keep your spirits up and celebrate the love you have for important people in your life.

The history of Valentine’s day has been incredibly obscured, but alas, I’m not here to bore you with the details.

Today, our spirits are high as we explore a more personal retelling of nostalgia, love, and childhood. There is nothing more quintessentially Valentine’s Day than a childhood crush! In a recent interview with one of Parker School’s faculty, I’ve captured some of the sweetest moments of childhood love to remind us all of the great memories this holiday holds. For privacy reasons, we will call this faculty member “Affection in Autumn.” Growing up, “Affection in Autumn” lived with their mother, who loved to spoil them with lots of candy and gifts during the holidays. Throughout their childhood, “Affection in Autumn” cherished holidays with their mother, because all of the love of the holiday was channeled through each other. “Affection in Autumn” wasn’t much of a socialite, so when they went off to college, they were concerned that they weren’t going to feel comfortable or welcomed.

Fortunately, their first autumn away from home delightfully surprised them. The bold and vibrant colors of the trees and the feelings of independence and abundant opportunity were enough to bring comfort, and they began to make friends.

Affection in Autumn started to form a bond with a new friend, a mechanical engineering major in their group of friends who played the guitar. Affection in Autumn thought “Guitar Hero’s” connection with music was so romantic, and their group of friends would often sit together in the late afternoons and listen to Guitar Hero play some of the group’s favorite songs.

Sometimes, after everybody would return to their dorms in the evenings, Affection in Autumn and Guitar Hero would remain, gazing at the stars and recalling stories from their childhood. They had a rare connection and understood each other in a truly special way. They would talk late into the night on the quad–and one time campus security even caught them and they had to return to their dorms.

Affectionate Autumn will never forget the comfort they felt in Guitar Hero’s company.

Sometimes, the most delightful stories are the ones hidden and wrapped up—waiting to be told and shared with others. This Valentine’s day, I urge you to turn to someone you admire and ask; “Who was the first person you ever loved and why did you love them?”

Who knows what you’ll learn about them.

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