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Looking Back on Virtual College Visits This Past Week

As September comes to a close, seniors are quickly beginning to think seriously about college applications and what rest of the coming year holds. It can be difficult to make comparisons between schools, especially during Covid when so much is being done virtually. College visits are a great way to assess schools, learn important information, and get encouraged to apply. They provide a platform to interact with admissions officers, ask questions, and find other students who have similar college interests as yourself. This past week, Parker hosted virtual college visits from Williams College, Chapman University, and Scripps College.

These virtual visits are especially beneficial because they are specific to Parker School. This means that only Parker students are on the zoom, and this creates a much more personal environment and allows admissions officers to get a sense of our own school community. Whether you’re a senior looking to better prepare for college applications or a junior wanting to get a head start on your own college search, college visits are a great way to increase your knowledge of schools from across the country. Ramsey Hauanio describes her time (at all three college visits!) as a “great learning experience. Now I know what to look for in schools,” and Genevieve Savage adds that her time at the Williams visit was “exciting and enlightening. It actually made me look forward to applying.”

As we move further into the fall season, more colleges will soon be making their way to Parker School—virtually at least for the time being. Keep your eyes open for any schools you may be interested in, and you can also talk to Auntie Joanie ( if you want to try to bring a specific college to Parker!

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