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Looking Back on Heidi Buscher's Kahilu Theater Exhibit

The Artifacts of Belonging; Myth, Memory and the Human Story

February 25 - April 10, 2021

“The Artifacts of Belonging; Myth, Memory and the Human Story conveys a sense of spirituality, humanity and our connection to the people who came before us and the places we call home. The artist sources early contact imagery and Hawaiian mythology, exploring these themes through a balance of abstract mark-making and portraiture. While Hawai’i mythology anchors the work, Buscher gathers thousands of source materials: patterns, fabrics, archival texts, handwritten letters and early Hawaiiana imagery as visual threads that inspire, layer and fold into her art-making process.

This installation examines the complex questions of belonging, of the connection between mythology, religion and the land, of conflict over sacred ground, and of how we lament, protect and express profound love for these places—whether we are descended from Hawaii’s ancient ancestors, or more recently arrived.”

~ Kahilu Theater Overview

Heidi Buscher never fails to amaze me! And it seems to me like her painting career is taking off---it's soaring high with flying colors!

Seeing Ms.Buscher’s mind-blowing paintings in the Parker school art room is one thing, but seeing--or maybe a better word would be experiencing--her paintings in a gallery is a delight unlike any other! Her artwork’s vivid, vibrant colors echo through the Kahilu theater, bouncing off the once barren white walls, leaving behind splatters of color and trails of inspiration.

Ms. Buscher’s artwork, though it’s heavily backed by her exploration of Hawaiian history, stands on its own. Her use of abstract composition and unconventional color redefines the Hawaiian art scene. Ms.Buscher adds incredible emotional depth and humanity to each piece, awakening the viewer. Her paintings radiate both a profound appreciation for the present and a deep respect for the lives that have preceded us.

Every element of Ms. Buscher's paintings (no matter if such an element is only 1 square inch in size) enraptures the eye. Patterns, textures, pigments, and tones--there is so much to see, so much to experience.

I’m beyond grateful that Parker School is home to such an artistic genius!

Though her gallery exhibition is now over, Ms. Buscher’s painting career is certainly not!

Here is her website that houses her recent artwork so you can support our amazing teacher!

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