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Interim in Review: How was it?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Diving & Getting Scuba Certified

Written by Isabella Russo

During interim I got scuba certified. To get certified, we had to complete three steps. The first step included an online course that had to be completed prior to the start of interim. On the first day we headed down to Kohala Divers to do our confined water training. This consisted of getting in the heated pool and taking our first breaths underwater. We practiced demonstrating that we know what to do in certain situations. For example, how to recover from our masks filling with water, what to do if we run out of air, and what to do if another diver runs out of air. After we were all comfortable with the concept of breathing underwater and understood the basics, we dove in the ocean.

On the second day we all piled onto a boat that took us on a beautiful boat ride to our dive stops. We first stopped in front of Mauna Lani beach where we took our first dive and got to experience being in the ocean in a completely new way. For those of us who were working towards certification, we practiced the skills that we learned in confined water in the ocean and took our first descent to forty feet. Others, who were previously certified, were given a guide who directed them around the seafloor. After that, everyone got back on the boat to head to the next and final stop. The last stop was called Haunted Caverns. The learners finished practicing their necessary skills while everyone else explored the gorgeous rocks, fish, and coral. Overall, this was such an amazing and unique experience that I hope everyone gets to have at one point in their lives!

Golfing at Makani

Written by Emily Atkins

The golfing interim was super fun! On the first day the middle school and high school students went to different courses. High schoolers went to Makani and middle schoolers went to Hapuna. The instructors first taught us the basics like driving and putting. After we ate Johnny’s, which was super delicious! Then we split into smaller groups to play 9 holes. It was tons of fun! I even got to drive Rovi and I around in the golf cart. Throughout the day we were having a good time and not keeping score. We started the 1st hole around 1:00pm and finished at 4:30pm.

The second day we went to Mauna Lani with the middle schoolers. The first half of the day there were instructors teaching us how to chip the ball. Then we played on the keiki Wiki Wiki Course. It was a small, but fun course. If there is a golf interim next year and you are interested, I definitely recommend trying it! No skill needed.



Staying Overnight at Punalu’u Beach

Written by Violet Freeney

On Wednesday April 6th, at 3:10pm, 19 students along with 19 students worth of stuff were piled into three vehicles and transported to Punalu’u beach. After 3 hours of bus conversation and a few stops along the way, we arrived t our beautiful cabin. In the rain and the dark we set up tents and explored the empty beach and talked late into the night around the campfire.

Over the next 2 days we enjoyed the beach and spent time with spikeball, friendship bracelets, and writing prompts. We sat and watched from our private sanctuary as tourists came in busfulls to walk the beach in their sneakers and stare in awe at turtles on the beach. It really put into perspective how lucky we all were to be there. After a late night trip to Volcano and a visit to Punalu’u bakery, we circled back around the island and returned home, exhausted, but with memories we would never forget.


The house students stayed in at Punalu’u beach.

Intro to Egyptian Culture

Written by Bethany Stimac

Ms. Reyad’s interim of Egyptian culture introduced us to Egyptian stereotypes, lifestyle, and a brief history of the people, as well as music of different flavors and the beautiful Arabic alphabet. She began by informing us that while pyramids and vast deserts, or ancient pharaohs and camels may pop into your head when you think of Egypt, they are not reality, despite being stereotypical “Egyptian” things. Being born and raised in the large urban city of Cairo, Ms. Reyad had a lot to teach us about the type of lifestyle she and her family lived and how it changed when they came to America. Particularly how it affected her ability to finish developing fluency in Arabic as her first language because of the need to learn English. She introduced us to the Arabic alphabet, and taught us how to write our names on papyrus paper, which took me quite a bit of practice before writing it well in enough loopy elegance.

I appreciate Ms. Reyad for showing us the Arabic music she grew up with, to what’s popular at the moment in the Current Top 20. We were able to cover a brief bit of the history of Egypt and also discuss religious lifestyles, pertaining particularly to the two main groups (Muslims and Coptic Christians) in Egypt, and how it can affect intermarriage between the two. We finished off with henna art, performed by Ms. Reyad’s daughter, Mel. I chose red henna rather than brown, though both are stunning colors and have different special effects in appearance. Though faded, the lotus flower is still visible on the back of my hand. After this interim I have put visiting Egypt someday on my bucket list, and I certainly recommend anyone else to as well.

Flipping Furniture

Written by Ava Taylor

I did the furniture flipping interim with Ms. Layla and Ms. Holmes, taking inspiration from some HGTV shows. Our goal was to take something old and “ugly” and transform it into something fresh and new. Some people brought their own items, while other furniture was given to them by the school. Different furniture included bookshelves, chairs, and wooden podiums. For example, I took my old stool with paint drops, sanded and repainted it, and applied tile to make a mosaic. Overall this interim was very fun and relaxing. It also taught us to utilize the old furniture that we have instead of throwing it away.




Hiking Adventures and Getting in Some Beach Time

Written by Kenzie Pajinag

Thursday: I went hiking in the interim with Mr. Caenepeel, and Mr. Tichy. First, we went to the Heiau, and started our morning right. We hiked 4-ish miles in all, before we headed back to the bus. We had some snacks and started to drive to our next hike. That is, until our bus broke down. We were very lucky to have stopped at a beautiful hill. We took our stuff outside, and went on the hill to eat lunch. We stayed there for a solid 2 hours and then got picked by some staff members.

Friday: Instead of hiking, we had a beach day at Hapuna! We packed our lunch stuff, tents, and coolers. We had Mr. Kramer with us that day. We went in the water, while some boys were making huge holes in the sand. We had some chicken fights, and handstand challenges. It was a really good day.

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