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Gift Series Pt. 2: Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

While buying a gift for the people in your life is always a sweet gesture, if you really want to touch some hearts this holiday I suggest handcrafting something special. Also, when gifts are not able to come in time this is a great last resort. Here is a lengthy list of DIY gift ideas that are categorized by the skill that may be required to make them, however, the majority of these gifts are fairly easy to make!


  • Paint a mug

  • Paint a plant pot

  • Paint bowls

  • Paint a picture of a place/thing they love!


  • Bake something!

  • Make homemade dog/cat treats

  • Simmer pot in a jar

  • Spice jar

  • Infused sugar

If you know how to Crochet

  • A crochet bag

  • A stuffed animal

  • A water bottle carrier

If You know how to sew:

  • A stocking

  • A tote bag

  • A quilt blanket

  • Embroidered shirt


  • Sugar scrub

  • World map of all the places they have gone

  • Jewelry

  • Tissue paper mason jar lanterns

I hope your gift turns out great! Happy crafting and happy holidays!

Note: If you need any clarification on what these gifts are, the internet is at your service :)

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