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Gift Series Pt 1: Buying Gifts For Those Specific People

With the holidays just around the corner, it can be difficult to shop for the people in your life. So, I made a list of some specific people and three things they might enjoy. I hope this helps to find a great gift or inspire a better one! Happy shopping!

The Bookworm

  1. Personalized Book Stamp ($25+free shipping) - This is perfect for that person who seems to have a great collection of books. There are so many different designs(on Etsy) that you can choose from. They range from $15-$40.

  2. Cool Book Shelf ($32.99 on Amazon) - This little shelf is the perfect gift for that person who has a small collection of books that just always seem to be lying around. It also acts as cute room decor!

  3. Booklight ($18.99 on Amazon) - If you know someone who is always reading late into the night, this is the gift for them! It makes reading so much more accessible and easy to do anywhere!

The Chef

  1. Personalized Apron ($22.95 + shipping) - Whether it is a funny or sweet message that you put on your apron, it makes a great and thoughtful gift for the chef/baker in your life.

  2. Williams Sonoma Gift Card - Trying to guess that specific tool that someone wants can be challenging so why not just let them do it? Williams Sonoma is a great site for chefs and bakers alike because it is full of good quality, tools, and gadgets for the kitchen.

  3. A Cookbook - A cookbook is a great way to discover new recipes and interests. The type of cookbook you gift really depends on the person who is receiving it, so put some thought into it!

The Plant Lover

  1. Mini Watering Can ($14.99 on Amazon) - If you know anyone who loves their small house plants, I definitely recommend this gift!

  2. Self-watering Pot ($9.97 on Amazon) - This pot comes in different sizes and in five different colors so that it fits perfectly for that person who loves plants but sometimes forgets to water them. It is also just a nice thing to have.

  3. Succulent Pillow ($16.69 on Amazon) - Not only will the plant lover in your life love this, but it will add a great touch of green to their room.

The Cat Lady

  1. I Can’t Get Up Right Now The Cat is on my Lap Socks ($13.88 on Amazon) - These are cute and fun socks that at least one person in your life would relate to, also... Who doesn't love socks?!

  2. Custom Cat Pillow (Price Varies) - If you know someone who is obsessed with their cat(s), they will love this pillow that looks just like their pet. While it can be pricey, they will absolutely adore it.

  3. Cat Sweaters ($15.49 on Amazon) - If the cat person in your life loves to dress up their cats, getting them some fun holiday sweaters or costumes would be a great gift!

The Music Lover

  1. Music/band Poster ($15+) - This is an awesome gift for anyone who has that one group or person who they love to listen to. The best place to look for these is Redbubble but there are thousands of other sites to choose from.

  2. Spotify Premium Subscription ($9.99) - Spotify is such a great thing to have, allowing you to make playlists, listen to unlimited music and download music. I think that anyone would be delighted to have it!

  3. Acorn speaker ($15.99 on Amazon) - This speaker is a small size with lots of volume. You can hang it on anything because of the consent strap. It is perfect for someone who is always listening to music

The Beach Goer

  1. Turkish Beach Towel ($14.79 on Amazon) - These towels are perfect for bringing to the beach because they are light, fold up very nicely, dry quickly, and don’t collect as much sand as regular towels might.

  2. Beach bag ($23.50 on Amazon) - Having the right bag for beach-going is always nice. There are so many different styles and options of beach bags it can be difficult to choose, but the beach bum in your life will appreciate this gift.

  3. Sunglasses ($15.99 on Amazon) - Sunglasses are always loved and needed. They are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun!

The Homebody

  1. The Comfy - The Comfy is a wearable blanket that anyone will enjoy and get a lot of use out of. It’s perfect if you like lounging in comfort and warmth.

  2. Fuzzy House Slippers ($18.69 on Amazon) - Not only are these stylish, but people will enjoy the feeling of comfort on their feet. It comes in multiple colors so that anyone will enjoy

  3. Bread Pillow ($32 on Amazon) - This is a great addition to that person’s grand collection of pillows that make their bed/couch comfy. It also adds a new dynamic to the living space with the very realistic bread shape and coloring

The Artist

  1. Sketchbook ($24.99 on Amazon) - A nice sketchbook is always appreciated as it provides a place to draw, paint, sketch, and record ideas.

  2. Charcoal Set ($15.99 on Amazon) - Instead of the traditional pens and pencil, give the artist in your life charcoal to switch up their art and experiment with a new technique.

  3. To-Go Easel ($39.99 on Amazon) - This is perfect if you know a painter who is always painting on the go. It provides the perfect storage for paints and brushes while making it easy to grab, go, and paint!

Ultimately, no matter what you choose to get your loved ones this holiday they will (hopefully) appreciate the thought and effort that you put into their gift. However, I would recommend that you start ordering your presents as soon as possible because the holidays are right around the corner and it will most likely take a while to arrive! Happy Holidays, and happy shopping!

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