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Get Your Head in the Game with Intramural Sports

Despite the current pandemic, the tradition of lunchtime intramural sports is one of the few things to remain the same amidst the many changes to our days at Parker School. Students can still participate in these friendly, competitive, and interactive activities while remaining socially distant.

As Coach D remarks, “at this time, everyone needs to play so they get their minds off their worries.” Not to mention, exercising releases endorphins which are proven to improve your mood and amp you up for the last class of the day!

Lunchtime intramurals provide an opportunity for new students and staff at Parker School to develop a closer relationship to their peers and faculty. Mr. Dunn and Mr. Rogers have elected to participate in intramural sports this year to get to know their students better. Mr. Rogers enjoys “friendly competition” and believes that it’s all about “if you have FUN playing the game.”

“It's been a great way to get to know the students,” says Mr. Rogers, who wants to get everyone “interacting with each other and building community.” Seeing everyone on the sidelines cheering for the teams definitely instills a sense of comradery among the students.

There is a lengthy lineup of other intramural sports to come. Some of these include hockey, volleyball, and Coach D’s favorite sport: “Are You Smarter than a PE Teacher?” If you have some availability during lunch, participating in these activities is a great way to utilize your excess time and have fun.

Meanwhile, the kickball tournament started last week and things are heating up quickly. When asked who he has his eyes on for the kickball tournament, Coach D says that he favors the Wet Socks, 2020 Dodgeball Champs, but ultimately, it is anyone’s game.

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02 nov. 2020


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