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Enchanted Forest Prom: What It’s All About and Why You Should Go

With prom just around the corner, many students still have questions about the logistics and arrangements of this event during the midst of social distancing and masks. The event will be held on April 17, and tickets are already selling fast! If you’re curious about Parker School’s Enchanted Forest Prom, take a look at the questions and answers from Mrs. Barron below.

What is the maximum capacity for how many students can attend prom?

75 people will be allowed to attend prom.

Where is it going to be?

Prom will be held on Parker School campus! The dance tent will be located on the lawn near the Business Office, and dining will happen under the existing tent.

Is prom exclusive to juniors and seniors or can underclassmen also purchase tickets?

Prom is open to all Upper School Parker students. And ticket sales are for everyone right now.

Is the event being catered?

Yes, Chef Tapu will be doing the catering service.

Is there a DJ?

There is! Quietstorm Entertainment is going to DJ our prom.

Are we allowed to dance with dates and/or friends?

Yes. Students are asked to observe the same safety protocol that they are familiar with from school, but dancing happens and it will happen on April 17th as long as students are mindful of their surroundings.

Where are we allowed to eat?

There will be tables under the tent as well as a few more in the surrounding area. Each table has a limit of 4 people.

Will people who fill out the form receive physical tickets to get in?

No. The prom committee has decided against physical tickets this year, as it means one less thing exchanging hands.

While there are many aspects of prom that are not ideal when compared to proms from the past, it’s important to recognize how lucky we are to have any prom at all. Hopefully some of your questions have been answered, and remember—the more of you and your friends that attend, the more fun it will be!

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