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  • Georgia Kasameyer

deafening silence

Waves fill your deep turquoise

ocean eyes

pulling and

pushing me away.

Cataclysmic crashes

upon rocks

that threaten to drown us and

everything we are.



pushing towards the surface

but I lost you in the chaos

and I doubt things will ever be the same when we find each other again.

Dull sapphire is the color

of the sea that I sink in

as you freeze to death in an ocean

of my piercing, icy stares

from across the room.

Now itʻs cold

so cold

as I shiver

water like tear drops drying in the brisk sunlight

dripping off of my body

through my hair that you once called so beautiful.

I slide down against the wall

huddled in my little ball of warmth

and feel my mascara run down my face

as you text me your

final goodbyes.

I climbed atop a cliff, standing

on the edge and gazing down

over the world I masterfully and

perfectly created.

It burns as I watch


the ashes settling like dust

over a former kingdom of beauty

stripping it of harmony and filling every building

every alleyway

with harsh tones of dissonance

nails on a chalkboard.

If I jump I fall

to my death.

If I stay here, I’m just biding my time

until the fire catches me.

There is no safe option

so why wait to die when I can just

get it over with?

What I would give to sprout wings

and fly away

from here, away from everywhere.

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