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Dancing Hula: Covid Edition

From dancing in our Halau, on stage, and now in front of our screens, hula practice has never been like this before. It was on March 25, 2020 when our teacher, Kumu Liana, told us that we were not continuing practice in person. I thought to myself, how are my hula sisters and I supposed to connect with one another and learn new dances, which is what hula is all about? Well, there is one way to stay connected—Zoom! Holding practices through Zoom has not been the easiest for my Kumu, hula sisters, and myself. It is much harder to learn new dance movements, stay in sync with one another, and listen to the instruments via Zoom. Although it was a challenge at first, we are now able to work through the technical issues and practice doing what we love! Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to perform at the King Shops, Queen Shops, and hold our annual Christmas Calabash at Kahilu Theatre anymore. However, Kumu Liana holds an optimistic outlook saying that as long as everyone feels comfortable, we can come back to in person classes in the new year to prepare for future shows and events!

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