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Chaos Theory

Inspired by Clint Smith’s poem of the same name

If long ago adam had

eaten the apple instead of eve,

do you think we would have

ever fallen in love,

maybe we wouldn't have even

had the chance, maybe

things would have been different,

you know, maybe Anne Boleyn

would have kept her head,

maybe one of us would fear

the other sometimes, maybe

I would be the one securing your

chastity belt, maybe you

would be the one who’s features my

father fears, maybe you would have

angered others by having balls

and not me, maybe the

femininity I have now would

be considered a gift from

god that produced a

history which otherwise

would have would have raised

sexually entitled men who

otherwise would have taught

their wives to keep their

mouths shut unless he

had a use for it which they would

otherwise still be shamed for

by men who otherwise

might have instead touched her

daughter who otherwise

would have learned

to never walk home alone at

night or trust adolescent boys

who otherwise would

have probably been taught

that satisfaction is a

right which can be taken

with force if necessary. I could

go on but what I’m trying

to say is that it would

have been a conundrum if something

had changed this

like a revision in whose

hand was written reaching for

such forbidden fruit

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