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Broken frames

"I love you," whispered in the quiet dusk,

Yet, I penned our finale, a bittersweet husk.

Silent echoes bear the weight of unsaid words,

Unseen, but felt, like the songs of the birds.

A lingering ache, a love's subtle sting,

In the shadows of memory, our dance takes wing.

You, the missing chapter, the right refrain,

In the silence, I wonder, was it a moment in vain?

My heart beckons, a soft plea in the night,

While reason argues, it's a dream taking flight.

In dreams, we'd rewrite the script, 20 a new score,

No broken frames, just love to explore.

Shadows would shy away, your name a sweet refrain,

No longer a prisoner to heartbreak's cruel chain.

If only time could unwind, and fate gently sway,

On that tear-stained day when I let you slip away.

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